Game broken in tom for Thai

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7 July 2022 6:44 a.m.





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The game turned upside down, but it wasn't unexpected.

According to the boxing situation

how to calculate score

MPs party list, division formula 100, turn back to divide 500, attach the ceiling, MPs Pueng Mee, extinguish dream land slide for Thailand

Drama moves across the night

I don't know who cooked who.

But for Thailand, the most hurt

The 5th gear has been released, announcing the land slide at every stage, "Tony Na Dubai", Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former prime minister, turned up the card for "Ung Ing" Pattongtarn Shinawatra, the youngest daughter, who is the candidate prime minister

I'm in the mood for sweet dreams to set up a government next time

startled again

breaking the curve, mopping the floor

The rules were shuffled back to the original.

I'm not sure if it's the operation of the "Three Por Brothers" or a scam game.

But have to admit that it's really smooth.

Invest, change the rules to 2 cards. Deceived until you die. Finally hit the head.

Made it and made the second card almost out of price. Add another piece of paper.

create a burden on the villagers

The truth has long been suspected, "Big Pom", Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Pracharat Party.

Did you take the wrong pills?

Why do you agree to the end of the alley?

Arrange for both cards, counting points, dividing 100, getting in the way for Thailand in full

The picture still persists for Thailand to win a landslide, sweeping more than half of the MPs

Make the history of a one-party government

Why dare to challenge a game that your opponent is good at?

What good things do you have?

The whole industry is suspicious

Going back to a new stalking stage is still understandable.

because the public power flow of the hour is considered as good as

But as time goes by, its popularity has deteriorated.

In addition, there were internal problems to the point that the party was broken.

No matter what angle you look at, there is no way to fight for Thailand.

But still do not think to adjust the rules

Confirm the equation for dividing 100 until people in the Pracharat power and the Coalition have doubts.

There is a national secret deal.

Mission Impossible or what?

in line with the news flow to come to

"Big Pom-Tony" talks in London, gossiping about the power of the People's Republic - Pheu Thai

Will shake hands to form a government after the election. Winwin "Thaksin" has returned home. "Big Pom" is prime minister.

Even a few hours before the law came into the House of Commons, "Paiboon Nititawan", the Pracharath lawmaker

Still came out to repeat the formula for dividing 100. If you flip to 500, it's messy. The story has to be at hand.

Constitutional Court

but the final answer

A clear signal from the government's coalition discussion circle

He turned his head around the game, using the 500 division formula, dumping it, and dividing 100 until "Big Pom" lost symptoms and had to walk away.

According to the political, mathematical formula for winning and losing

The correct answer solves the problem of Land Slide for Thailand clearly.

Resist the temptation to use 2 cards, model 2540, for Thailand to come crashing down for sure.

Check out the current governor's election.

Bangkok and see the trend

Can't fight the game to form a government

If the old rules

The game will turn back to the next as soon as there are 250 senators waiting to add to the establishment of the same government.

and may get the same front coalition government

But this game is open to gossip.

writing by hand minus feet

Even the Democrats who proposed the draft still distorted the principles.

Pheu Thai Party accepted.

The rules revert to the system of allocating ingredients.

Close the land slide

come out strong until the face is stabbed

I was deceived.

The game of breaking a hundred bank, twenty bank, may need to dust off.

Otherwise, the party list eats eggs.

or get petty

Party that has benefited from looping rules

Probably a far-reaching party

But probably not much.

The important thing is that I still don't know how strange the rules are.

Emergency revision

Will it really work or full of loopholes?

This matter is at the ruling of the Constitutional Court.

But the game deceived the legs to change the rules.

It twisted the principle until some senators still shook their heads in protest.

But then who cares?

Even if the table is knocked down

can go back to using the old rules or have the Election Commission draft a new one

The result would not be different from the equation I thought.

Interestingly, if the game is broken in and continues, the relationship "3 years" is broken, there may be a list of revenge on the stage.

The slap and kiss drama is not over yet.

It also slapped harder and harder.

I don't know who the 3 year old brothers and sisters are going to leave anyone behind.

political news team