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New Delhi:

The aviation regulator has sought an explanation from the airline after several incidents related to SpiceJet aircraft came to light.

Notably, the DGCA has issued a show-cause notice to SpiceJet after eight incidents of technical snag in the last 18 days.

After the notice received from the government, the reaction of SpiceJet chief Ajay Singh has come on this whole matter.

He told NDTV on Wednesday that such incidents are certainly worrying.

Security has declined due to poor maintenance.

Just a month ago, the regulator had reviewed every aircraft of his airline for safety.

It is the DGCA job to regulate us.

It has to show us that we are 100% safe.

I welcome their concern.

Windshield of SpiceJet's Gujarat-Mumbai flight cracked, priority landing made

Let us inform that on Wednesday, the airline 'SpiceJet' said that one of its cargo aircraft returned to Kolkata on Tuesday due to non-functioning of meteorological radar.

It was only after taking off that the pilot of the plane bound for Chongqing city of China came to know that its meteorological radar was not working.

This is the eighth case of a technical fault in the SpiceJet aircraft in the last 18 days.

DGCA starts investigation on flashing of warning lights in two SpiceJet planes

Earlier on Tuesday, a SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Dubai was diverted towards Karachi due to a fault in the fuel indicator.

At the same time, his Kandla to Mumbai plane was landed on priority in Mumbai after a crack in the windshield in mid-air.

Emergency landing of SpiceJet plane going from Delhi to Jabalpur, second incident of the day after Patna

SpiceJet spokesperson told PTI on Wednesday that on July 5, 2022, the SpiceJet Boeing 737 cargo plane was to go from Kolkata to Chongqing.

The meteorological radar was not giving weather information after the plane took off.

Thereafter, the PIC (Pilot-in-Command) decided to return to Kolkata.

The plane has landed safely in Kolkata.