The villagers of Na Kha Sub-district are very troubled because the smell of pig manure from the farm stinks throughout the village.

Thai Rath Edition

6 July 2022 5:02 a.m.





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  • Smelly pig poop -

    The villagers of Na Kha Subdistrict, Tha Bo District, Nong Khai Province are very troubled. The smell of pig droppings from hundreds of large pig farms in the area between Na Kha Subdistrict and Khok Khon Subdistrict sends a foul smell throughout the village.

    affecting the community and the environment for many years, have complained to various agencies

    Many times, including Nakha Subdistrict Administrative Organization, but it has not been corrected...

  • Not worth using -

    Ban Huai Paek - Wang Kwang Road, Nam Nao District, Phetchabun Province, built in 2021 along with a bridge over Huai Song Saphan

    is a project of

    Phetchabun Provincial Administrative Organization

    The villagers were surprised that they had only used it for a year. They were damaged and destroyed. Still, they weren't worth it.

    Call for relevant agencies to check whether the standards are established or not.

    Why is it so easy to break...

  • Taling Phang -

    Community of Village No. 1, Pak Klong Intersection, Manora, Hua Wiang Subdistrict, Sena District, Phra Nakhon Si Province, Ayutthaya called to reach

    Governor of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province

    Please help expedite the construction of a dam to prevent the bank from collapsing. Villagers have complained to the Damrongtham Center. They have been told that they will do so from 2020. They have been waiting for 3 years. Now, it's raining and the bank has damaged many houses. ..

  • Xiao Hua -

    Residents of Romklao Housing Zone 8 Soi 3, Lat Krabang District, Bangkok, complain that the roof of the house collapses every time it rains and winds up because a big banyan tree in the abandoned area next to the house sprawls out, will inform the owner of the place. I don't know who to inform because it has been abandoned for more than 20 years while the district says that it can't be cut, not the owner of the tree.

    Let's continue to risk each other. Don't know when we'll find the jackpot...

  • Trimming -

    Mr. Wirat Manassanitwong, director of the Bureau of Environment, Bangkok, clarified in case there was a suspicion of cutting trees in Sukhumvit Soi 23 wrongly, causing the trees to get sick.

    This is a tree pruning because the sidewalks planted trees are narrow.

    There are big and tall trees.

    Many trees are at risk of falling branches, so they have to be trimmed to reduce the height, reduce the weight so that they are not at risk of falling and have to trim all the decayed parts...

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