It has been two days since the City of Skopje and the Institute of Cultural Heritage cannot agree on the damage done to the tree planted by Mother Teresa in the center of Skopje.

"ITSHKSH immediately went to the field and through the Department for the heritage of Gonxhe Bojaxhiu-Mother Teresa, reacted as soon as this fir was uprooted, in which case it was requested that the relevant institutions show maximum care in handling this tree, for the reason that it was not common.

In order for the work to be channeled and to receive the appropriate institutional orientation, a meeting with the mayor of the City of Skopje, Danela Arsovska, was immediately requested, but she was satisfied with only an indirect communication through some employees of this municipality.

What's worse, as a result of not holding this meeting, it came to what no one had expected, that the fir tree planted by Mother Teresa herself ended up as a worthless object, as it was torn in several places by the side of the employees of NP "Parks and Greens".

To make the absurdity even greater,

the director of this NP gives a ridiculous and unconvincing reasoning, that it was allegedly impossible to return this fir tree to its previous place, although the truth is completely different since it was possible to remedy the situation and prevent damage to this tree historical.

The replanting of this fir was able to be done without any problem, since all the prerequisites for such a thing existed, it was only enough to insert it a little deeper than it was before", says ITSHKSH.

The Institute considers that the legacy of Gonxhe Bojaxhiu-Mother Teresa is extensive and it should be preserved, including this fir, but also the plaque which was damaged days ago and the authorities of the City of Skopje have not yet given a proper clue about the epilogue of investigations regarding the perpetrators of this ugly crime.

"ITSHKSH persistently requests from mayor Arsovska to hold a joint meeting where it will be decided what steps will be taken in the future, with special emphasis on how it will be decided about the recovery of the situation related to this symbol from the heritage of Mother Teresa.

This is also due to the fact that now all embassies and international organizations have been notified and alerted, which consider this brutal behavior of municipal employees towards Mother Teresa's fir tree disturbing.

The Institute is awaiting the offer of the mayor of the City of Skopje for a joint-consultative meeting.

If this does not happen,

We recall that from NP Parks and Gjerlbërimi - Skopje, yesterday they said that the same tree will be planted in the same place, to replace the already destroyed tree of Mother Teresa.