Violence in protests, people with masks, injured policemen, this is the true violent face of OBRM-PDUKM and the pro-Russian "Left", accuses the SDSM.

According to them, "Dimitar Apasiev and the Left are arguing in vain, Apasiev himself has warned that he will radicalize the protests".

"On the other hand, Hristijan Mickoski does not distance himself from Apasiev's stance on radicalization, but supports and invites citizens.

SDSM together with institutions and citizens will not allow anyone to threaten the stability of the state.

Mickoski should not try to repeat April 27 through his partner Apasiev, we will not allow this," the statement of the SDSM party states.

Protests against the French proposal to unblock the country's integration into the European Union will continue even today./Telegrafi/