Cannabis-rich society, danger!

second hand marijuana smoke

Thai Rath Edition

6 July 2022 5:19 a.m.





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News of students being attacked and robbed ... News of domestic violence ... News of robbery

Kill Mayhem Daily

Drug news in the city

They sell each other blatantly...News of drug addiction...News that children and adolescents receive drug overdose from snacks until they have to be hospitalized.

News of the virus outbreak "Covid-19" Beautiful, luxurious, low, flat on the ground, but looking around, there are people who are stranded, as different as the sky and the abyss?

“Peases”, “addictions”, “crimes”

... are all problems of health and safety in life, all from the same root cause.

Reinforcing the issue of "health risk" from "second-hand marijuana smoke" Assoc. constitution)

A study published in Advance in Molecular Toxicology, 2019, on the smoke produced by marijuana smoking measures more than 350 chemicals, including those that affect the body.

such as THC, CBD, CBN, carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, heavy metals.

Including those Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and vapors of various organic compounds.

which those who told them

If the substance produced by cannabis specifically is not counted.

For the most part, it's the same as the smoke that comes from smoking.

And many will increase the risk of various types of cancer.

Some substances have been proven to be more found in marijuana smoke than smoking, for example, ammonia is found in marijuana smoke up to 20 times higher than cigarettes.

while the hydrogen cyanide

Nitric oxide and PAHs were detected 2–5 times higher than cigarette smoke.

“We've heard the disciples claim that there is no evidence that marijuana can cause lung cancer like cigarettes.

Because marijuana was originally classified as a prohibited drug.

therefore being used less

and there is no long enough follow-up research.”


, it takes a long time to be proven to cause cancer.

Some diseases are ten years or more.

but if there is consciousness and wisdom in contemplation

would be sufficient to assess that

If the compounds in cannabis smoke are the same or similar to cigarettes

Plus more quantity in many of them

Will it be risky in the long run?

both to people who smoke marijuana themselves

and the people around in the society that smoke secondhand marijuana

both pushing and pushing them to be easily accessible

free to use

what will happen

and who will be responsible

You don't have to claim that

Alcohol, cigarettes are not good, why not ban?

If you want to ban, then ban. No one is forbidden. That's good.


Alcohol and cigarettes can still be in society.

This drug marijuana must be used freely.

This probably wasn't a reason a wise person should be brought up as a reason...

The long-term effects of cancer are frightening.

but I want to say

There is a lot of research proving the short-term effects of secondhand marijuana smoke.

The effect on the respiratory system has been evident since Hoffman et al reported that

Secondhand marijuana smoke can make children with asthma more exacerbation and severe.

The smoke they were exposed to came from their parents or family members who used marijuana.

Cardiovascular Effects Wang's team and colleagues conducted a study in rats and found that "secondhand marijuana smoke" caused the rats to have problems with vascular wall spasms.

and has a significantly faster heartbeat

effect on the nervous system

found that people who did not smoke marijuana

but to live in an area where people smoke marijuana

Will affect the nervous system with symptoms of High like a person who smokes.

Effects on behavior and memory, Hermann et al.

Secondhand marijuana smoke has been found to impair the ability of those exposed to the smoke to have a lower range of skill abilities.

and decreased working memory

It also causes irritation to the conjunctiva and other soft tissue areas.

exposed to secondhand marijuana smoke

in the human world

Now, more and more research published warnings about the effects of marijuana policies on both 'addicts' and 'people in society', especially in a booming era of hard-to-reach advertising. control

Makes many people have too much faith to be true...

by forgetting the principle of cause and effect

standard that should be

Surveillance systems that need to be carried out strictly and rigorously

Head on the accelerator, pushing it to happen.

After the impact

ok, but bae is not responsible

Leaving many in a vacuum trap of risk to health, well-being and safety in life.

For our


, the news is seen more and more often.

Recently, marijuana-stuffed cigarettes were seen in the news for sale in the central tourist area.

The dangers of second-hand marijuana smoke

including direct drug abuse for children, adolescents, working people and the elderly

It may cause the effects seen soon.

If not well controlled

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thira would like to correct the fake news about the properties of cannabis, the use of modern medicine is very limited for a few diseases.

and is not the main treatment option.

"Cannabis can cure a lot of diseases, that's not true."

Superstitious beliefs and unstable policies follow passion.

will lead to effects on people

to society in the long term

and difficult to fix

Therefore, it must be known

“Do not support, do not support drug trafficking.

and products related to all kinds of drugs, including food, beverages, snacks, jellies, cookies, etc.

If we don't know as soon as we want to try, that attempt may lead to "problems" and "losses" and we will say who can't when we see the impact in society.

because we are part of the support

“Selling good business, delicious food, no need to interfere with drugs”.