The European Union expressed its opinion on the recent events in Uzbekistan.

APA reports that the press secretary of the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Policy and Security issued a statement about this.

The EU calls for an open and independent investigation into the violence in Karakalpakstan following the publication of proposed amendments to the Constitution of Uzbekistan, the statement said.

"We deeply regret the loss of life and continue to monitor the proceedings closely. We acknowledge the steps taken by President Mirziyoyev to promptly respond to public concerns about the proposed constitutional changes. We call on all parties to exercise restraint to prevent any escalation or further violence." ".

The press secretary stated that the EU calls on the government of Uzbekistan to ensure human rights, including freedom of expression and free assembly, in accordance with its international obligations.

"The EU has a strong and developing partnership with Uzbekistan. We support Uzbekistan's reform efforts and call on it to continue this process based on international norms and best practices, based on consultations with citizens and stakeholders," the statement emphasized.