An illegal carriage driver caused a serious accident in Sozopol.

The vehicle hit a fast food restaurant and injured a female tourist.

Last day of the vacation of Nicole and her friends in Sozopol.

They stay up late in an open-air restaurant when a carriage crashes into them. 

"We heard them coming, we couldn't help but hear them, so the noise, we thought they were just going to go by. I felt at one point it hit where we were sitting on the wooden bench. I hit my head, I'm not sure where, in the wood or somewhere in something metal," Nikol Pankova told BTV.

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With a concussion, the 23-year-old girl was placed in the neurosurgery department of the Burgas hospital.

"I didn't believe that someone could just cut into you while you were sitting normally," adds Nikol Pankova. 

In this part, the street is pedestrianized and vehicles should not move on it.

The municipality of Sozopol explained that they did not issue a permit for carriages, and the carriage driver will be fined. 

"The phaeton is registered as a road vehicle, so actually refusing to be tested for the use of alcohol can result in a fine amounting to BGN 2,000," said Tsvetelina Randeva, spokeswoman, OD of the Ministry of the Interior-Burgas.

Today, the market in Sozopol remained empty, and there was no sign of the trespasser.

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