The chance for a cabinet is to the extent that more people would be found to form and stand behind such a program government within 6 months and an evaluation after its activity.

These people are mainly sought after among those participating in ITN until recently, because of the program and expectations with which they entered the National Assembly, more than because of the command of their leader Slavi Trifonov

Stanislav Todorov Trifonov is a Bulgarian singer, TV presenter and producer. He was born in. This was stated by the retired Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Environment and Water Borislav Sandov

He graduated from Sofia University "St.

Kliment Ohridski", specialty "Geography", and is in the studio of "Bulgaria morning".

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Tremors in the 476 coalition

According to him, such voices can be found from other political groups, outside the current coalition.

Including deputies from GERB, they could emancipate themselves from the behavior of their leader, hidden behind the scenes in Bankya, if they actually fulfill what they claim - that they would like to see Bulgaria in a European development, Sandov specified.

According to him, the key thing at the moment is the war being waged by Russia in Ukraine and all the risks arising from it.

"This requires Bulgaria to have a stable political system that functions, including a parliament.

Inflation, uncertainty in energy supplies and other parameters of the global economy and security in the context of war require working institutions,'' the resigned Minister of Environment and Water is convinced.

Borislav Sandov: The expulsion of 70 Russian diplomats is a clear sign that our country is an arena of hybrid war

And he pointed out that in recent months they have been treated extremely harshly by the DPS, and the reason is that "their interests have been deeply touched".

Sandov explained that so far there has been no discussion about the composition and structure of the government.

Asked if a possible unification of "Democratic Bulgaria" and "We continue the change" in a possible election, he said: "There are similar expectations from our voters. It would be appropriate in an election campaign to join forces and be the first political force. In "Continuing the Change" we have many former colleagues, associates and this would be an expected action".

According to him, if we enter a spiral of elections, this could become the cause of serious missed opportunities for Bulgaria.

There may even be a departure from already drawn paths and disruption of the opportunity for Bulgaria to take advantage of the EU's financial instruments for recovery after the pandemic, Sandov emphasized to Bulgaria ON AIR.

And he added that there is even a risk that Bulgaria will drop out of the list of candidates for the OECD.

Bulgaria begins talks on joining the OECD

The resigned minister also commented on the collapse of the ruling coalition until recently.

Communication could have been better.

There has been no communication with Trifonov since March.

His behavior sounds natural in retrospect.

He has been doing a show criticizing politics for 20 years.

He never accepted the idea that by participating in politics, you should be able to bear the responsibility for governance, and not just be a vocal opposition.

This was the reason for the failure of two governments last year, Sandov believes.

The guest in the studio pointed out that the program of the possible future cabinet with Prime Minister Asen Vassilev will not differ much from the basis of the previous administration.

The tremors in the coalition

Slavi Trifonov

Borislav Sandov