Bulgarian military intelligence works only in the name of national interests.

This was stated in a message to the media by the Military Intelligence and defined as inadmissible the suggestions from television speeches in the programs "120 minutes" on bTV and "The Day Begins" on BNT that "military intelligence does not work in the interest of Bulgaria".

Without being based on evidentiary material, such a statement undermines the prestige, damages the dignity and casts doubt on the undisputed professionalism of military intelligence officers of more than one generation, the letter to the media said.

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With this statement, the officer rank of the hundreds of employees of the oldest Bulgarian intelligence service, who serve in the name of national interests, is trampled upon.

The Military Intelligence Service carries out its tasks in direct coordination and close cooperation with the NATO and EU intelligence community, and its contribution is highly valued.

Military Intelligence will continue its activities at the strategic level in accordance with the Law on Military Intelligence and will protect the authority and dignity of its employees by referring the competent authorities to clarify the situation, added the Military Intelligence.