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An incident that shames humanity has come to light in Dewas district of Chhattisgarh.

The incident is from a village in Punjapura in the district, where the husband got furious when his wife, who had been missing for nine days, was recovered from his lover's house and along with the villagers, gave him a heart-wrenching punishment.

According to the information received, the said woman had gone somewhere from the house on June 24.

When the husband looked around, he could not find it.

In such a situation, he lodged a complaint about the missing of his wife at the Udayanagar police station.

The woman has three children, two girls and one boy. 

Here, the children saw the woman in an objectionable condition along with her lover Harisingh father Amar Singh Sisodia, living in the same village, which they informed father Mangilal Bhilala.

When the husband and family reached Harisingh's house, the woman was found there.

So they got furious.

Amidst the uproar, the woman was taken out of the house, after which the people of the village also gathered. 

Together, a garland of slippers was garlanded around the woman's neck.

He was assaulted by grabbing his hair.

During the assault, the woman fell unconscious twice on the ground.

But people kept making videos laughing as spectators.

When he was not satisfied with this, he made the woman's husband sit on his shoulder and roamed the whole village. 

The video of this vandalism with the woman went viral on social media, after which the police took action in the whole matter.

Udayanagar police station has arrested 15 people in the whole case by registering a case against them in different sections, including husband Mangilal. 

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