The Kosovo Police, respectively the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime (DHKO) in cooperation and coordination with the Special Prosecutor's Office of Kosovo have successfully carried out a several-day operation against a criminal group involved in several criminal offenses such as "Participation or Organization of the Criminal Group of Organized" related to the crimes "Creation of General Danger", "Arson", "Compulsion", which resulted in the arrest of eight (8) suspected persons.

The arrested suspects are: AP (1999), KK (1998), FC (2003), AM (1995), GI (1998), DR (2004), EC (1993) and LB (2000).

The cases investigated and in which it is suspected that the suspected persons now most arrested are involved are the case of 19.06.2022, where around 02:20 an arson occurred in a bar in "Dardani" of Pristina, where it was suspected that the fire was caused by the throwing of a petrol bottle (molotov cocktail), which only caused material damage.

Also, on 22.06.2022, somewhere around 03:30, in the same location near this bar in Pristina, a hand grenade was thrown which only caused material damage to the three parked cars.

While on 06.06.2022, sometime at 03:03, a hand grenade was thrown on "Shemsi Ahmeti" street in Mitrovica, which was not activated (exploded).

The grenade in question was retrieved from the scene by the relevant KP unit.

On 28.06.2022, somewhere around 03:30, on Mullir street in Mitrovica, a hand grenade was thrown which only caused material damage.

Referring to the cases that have occurred, concrete actions have been taken by the investigation sector within the DHKO, with a pro-active investigative approach with the authorization of the Special Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Kosovo, where it has been possible to identify the organized criminal group directly involved in the commission of the acts the aforementioned crimes.

With operational actions undertaken continuously on the dates 20.06, 22.06, 23.06, 27.06 and 03.07.2022, it was possible to arrest eight (8) suspected persons who are suspected of being directly involved in the commission of the aforementioned criminal offenses.

As material evidence, eight mobile phones, a car, 6.7 grams of narcotic substance (marijuana), as well as other material evidence which serve in further proceedings, were seized.

The suspected persons were initially detained by order of the prosecutor, then according to the Court's decision, their detention was continued for thirty days.

It is worth noting that one of the arrested persons was wanted with an arrest warrant issued by the competent court.