Poll "Ung Ing" became the number one podium, vibrating the power of 3 years: not moving, waiting to be ruined

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3 July 2022 6:47 a.m.





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6 needles still can't get it. Finally, "Sia Nu" Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health stopped the sign, becoming infected with the coviral-19 virus.

after returning from France

Despite just showing off his arm to the doctor to inject the Pfizer needle booster vaccine.

The minister of the doctor still encountered the poisonous covid

inevitable from infection

and also includes Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, who contracted the virus from traveling to European countries.

2 deputy prime ministers have been infected with the disease, causing a meeting of the Cabinet.

That's not to mention the general public.

Black-eyed villagers who are still at risk amid the deadly virus

still lurking in every place

no place is safe

According to the number of new infections that bounce back, more than 2,000 people per day.

The opposite of the atmosphere of Thailand that the government has just announced COVID-19

as a surveillance disease after a pandemic

Green light for people to take off their masks at a relaxed point.

While people are still confused about the measure.

I'm not sure what level of Thailand's covid situation is.

Courageous and insecure about the fanfare of the political parties that try to show that

The Covid game is under control.

The trend is downgrading to endemic.

When Mr. Anutin is still infected with the sixth vaccination, it indicates that the situation is still unreliable.

The outbreak of the coronavirus continues to escalate

The one who hopes to claim is the red flag of the government.

especially the Bhumjaithai Party, used as a showcase in the next election field

have to step back

because the picture is contradicting

turn to the political corner

At the moment when the government is clumsy about the administration under the Covid crisis

By its natural form, popular votes flowed to the opposition.

just wiggling legs


do nothing

The symptoms of society, fed up with the current management led by "Big Tu", General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, fully wants to change the government.

That's why I went to the game parade "Ung Ing" Paethongtarn Shinawatra, head of the Pheu Thai family.

daughter's favorite head

Dubai Mall, former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra

with the method of genetic editing from the DNA of

"Mr. Dubai Mall"

riding the marketing game

Take a shortcut and get to the top of politics in a matter of seconds.

And it's not a surprise phenomenon at all.

with the survey results of "Nida Poll", National Institute of Development Administration

on the person who will support the Prime Minister

"Ung Ing" overtakes the curve to become number one with more than 25 percent of the score.

Kick the old champion like

Gen. Prayut

Dropped to 4th place, leaving only 11 percent of the popularity rating.

The discard points are more than 2 intervals apart.

This varies with the popularity of the political party that the people support.

Dropped to fourth at 7 percent.

percent behind each other without seeing dust

If it's boxing, it's broken.

Chances are almost gone

An old military leader who used to be assertive.

Being slapped by a child yesterday

This kind of emotion can be understood if Gen. Prayut

will raise a strong voice

I don't care about the polls, giving "Ung Ing" the lead vote. People want to be prime minister more.

Because in the past, we have seen 3-4 polls that do not match.

Let's look a little fair.

"Big Tu" style, stubborn, never crouching for anyone.

But that turned against "Big Pom" Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister as the leader of the Pracharat Party.

with a mouth full of acceptance

NPP camp trend is in decline

But don't worry because I'm sure

will be able to adjust in time for the upcoming elections

according to this symptom

Comparison between Lieutenant Colonel

Prawit and Gen. Prayut

In terms of political form, he is probably the "big brother" who is more familiar with professional politicians.

The senses perceive the current faster than the “lek brother” for sure.

Gen Prawit stood on the basis of reality.

and what reflects the reaction of the head of the Pracharat power camp

That is to order the party to walk the road to showcase the government's performance.

The goal is to beat the current so that it doesn't flow too deep.

refusing to move anything

I'm waiting for the day that ruined a single place

Public power must accelerate

Grunt the last curve before the big election

but under the original conditions

original management team

Support former leaders like

Gen. Prayut

At this point, I do not know

Shifting the road to show off the trend of Gen. Prawit

Will the society change the mindset of the government or not?

In a situation where Thai people are facing hard times, expensive oil, expensive products, there is no sign that the management skills of professional military leaders will lead to the economic crisis.

The shouts of "Big Du" rang out in all directions.

The economy is the "dead point" of the government.

subject matter

It's not just the management form of the 3 year old military team that loaded Paek only.

There is still a tangled problem within the ruling Pracharat Party.

Conditions are not sure if there will be any remaining election day.

How many MPs stay

In the eyes of the political sages, the flag is a hundred sure low.

Accidentally slipped out of the 50-seat support line, becoming a medium to small party.

Just choose to start the road show, the first stage in Chonburi province.

According to the volunteer queue of "Sia Heng", Mr. Suchart Chomklin, Minister of Labor, who is pushing himself up, inflated, up to the floor of Ban Yai, the Khun Pluem family.

The starting point reflects the shattered situation in the Pracharat power camp.

and instead of targeting roadshows to recover current

Instead, it will add uncomfortable symptoms to rivals in the NPP camp who are waiting for the time to erupt, break up, split up, whoever it is, their way.

When the 3 year old military team chooses to use "Sia Heng" as the main cog, the team is broken.

Ban Yai Family "Khun Pluem" was removed from the Pracharath camp list.

"Luk Kamnan" and "Baek Kamnan" will never go together again.

Not counting the Korat team of "Sia Pan", Mr. Wirat Ratanaset, former president of the government whip.

who are trying to win the treachery of corruption in the futsal field sweating in court

According to news reports, the insider is likely to flee to the Sera Kraw camp, Pride Thai.

and still

It's not guaranteed to open each other at the last minute.

According to the structure of the Palang Pracharat Party, where the gang clings loosely

Hold the MPs to live with "bananas" as warehouses, distributed as combs as a chain.

Just maintaining the state of the government leadership party to survive this semester is exhausting.

That would not have to ignore the shock to the next election.

Pracharat power is definitely relegated from the big parties.

and interesting with the plan to double the chairman of the Prime Minister for the 3rd round of Gen. Prayut

At the point where there is no government's main party as a base of power.

The higher chance went to "Xia Nu", who tried to inflate the wind to make Sera Krook Pride Thai camp bigger instead of Pracharath power.

Face to face with each other in the network to support the 3 year old military power team.

in the condition

“It's time to move on, sir.”

"Political team"