The former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Dimitrov, criticized the country's president, Stevo Pendarovski.

Dimitrov said that Pendarovski is making a mistake in a historical moment, supporting the French proposal.

"Pendarovski is wrong!

It is wrong at a key historical moment!

Because Bulgaria would have been able to block us both with the proposal and without it.

With the French proposal, Albania is free to move forward, but North Macedonia is the one that is isolated and Bulgaria will continue to block it.

Let's bring home a document where we commit that if Bulgaria or any other member state contests the Macedonian language and identity again, we will stop the negotiations.

Why should we accept criteria that are seen as renouncing the identity of the Macedonian language?", writes Dimitrov.

Dimitrov said that the president should not accept the proposal, but on the contrary, he should say that negotiations should not begin with these conditions.

"The proposal is new because Macron said so.

In other words, Bulgaria has no intention of loosening its grip.

Therefore, it should be said that negotiations should not begin with these conditions.

"Good neighborly relations have always been part of the Copenhagen criteria, but the French proposal does not represent a European value," said Dimitrov.

Dimitrov has constantly criticized Macedonia's diplomacy for not representing the country and state interests well.