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There has been no conversation with me yet about whether I will be deputy prime minister in the new cabinet.

This was stated by the Eco Minister and Deputy Prime Minister in resignation Borislav Sandov

He graduated from Sofia University "St.

Kliment Ohridski", specialty "Geography", and is

He added that there was no talk about the personnel and structure of Asen Vassilev's new government.

"It is important, if I am not deputy prime minister, that there is a deputy prime minister who can take on the key tasks related to the green transition in the next government.

Especially this position, this function is listed in the national recovery and resilience plan," added Sandov.

He is ready to step down from his post if he is not offered to stay on and added that for now the talk is at the program level.

However, according to him, if it receives support, the second PP government will probably last a year and a half.

"For me, it is not the power as a position that is important, but the work that needs to be done.

I have no idea about any other position, in this role I feel the most expert and I could continue," said Sandov.

He also commented on the diplomatic scandal.

The expelled Russian diplomats left Bulgaria

"The expulsion of 70 Russian diplomats is a clear sign that our country is an arena of hybrid warfare, which is clearly in favor of the Russian Federation," Sandov said.

He added that he was not directly involved in the expulsion decision. 

"I was not directly involved in making this decision, because this decision is made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs against the background and on the basis of reports that come from DANS. We received information that these reports exist and that there is a large non-reciprocity of the diplomatic missions of Bulgaria in Russia and Russia in Bulgaria. I was twice at an operational meeting of the Council of Ministers, these issues were discussed in the presence of I think almost all members of the Council of Ministers," explained Sandov. 

He clarified that he remembers that Cornelia Ninova had never been to such a meeting.

This is how the resigned Deputy Prime Minister answered whether she knew about this decision. 

"I have a recollection that at one of these operational meetings she was not actually present. I have no such recollection of the second one, and maybe she was not aware of the final actions, but I do not believe that she was not aware of the general grounds on this matter. About the final actions when exactly what happened, I didn't know either. I don't need to know, because this decision is made by the Council of Ministers," explained Sandov. 

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