If we are given a mandate in this parliament and we see a chance to create a government that can, however, do certain work for the benefit of Bulgaria, we will obviously have to work hard for the third mandate.

This is what the deputy chairman of the PG of "Democratic Bulgaria" said in the program "Offensive" on Nova News

"Democratic Bulgaria" is a center-right political association composed of "Vladislav Panev".

He reminded that, according to the Constitution, the deadline for handing over a mandate to form a government in this case is slightly longer than the first and second.

"It can cover two weeks, because first it is given to a party or a parliamentary group, which after a week nominates a candidate for prime minister. So I hope we have enough time to draw up the necessary priorities, the necessary program for such a government and succeed to convince the majority of MPs. But not at any price". Panev did not rule out the possibility of inviting the BSP as a partner, since on the anti-corruption issue "they are on the same page".

On Monday, there is a National Council of the Green Movement, the deputy pointed out.

One of the topics will be the names in the cabinet with a PP mandate.

Before that, they will be discussed within the DB coalition.

Panev also commented: "It is logical that the nomination of Borislav Sandov as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Environment and Water should happen again.

But we must not get ahead of events".

He said that he does not see a problem with Kiril Petkov being the Minister of Finance: "But it is about the fact that 121 deputies should not see a problem in this".  

After the meeting with PP: Is there a "yes" from DB for a new cabinet?

Panev did not answer whether the MPs who broke away from ITN will be given the four departments that their former party headed in Kiril Petkov's cabinet.

But he emphasized: "My opinion is that if they can produce enough cadre ministers who can do certain work and achieve certain results by the end of the year, this option is open".

Vladislav Panev expressed hope that the mandate will be implemented and work will continue on the important laws for the country.

He does not think that there should be a step back in the decision to expel the Russian diplomats.

And about how this will affect our energy security, he pointed out: "The Kozloduy NPP has nuclear fuel reserves for the next 2 years.

So there is no immediate danger of the nuclear plant not working.

This is excluded.

If it stops the import of Russian oil, I don't think it will have much of an impact, because the refinery can also process another one.

It is true that there is a difference of 30-35 dollars, but it is not felt at gas stations in particular".

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Vladislav Panev