The deputy from the ranks of OBRM-PDUKM, Dragan Kovacki, through a statement to the media, has once again shown the position of the opposition party against the French proposal, since according to him, accepting that proposal means failure for North Macedonia.

"The Bulgarian proposal is capitulating and Kovacevski and Osmani capitulate Macedonia.

Kovacevski, Osmani and Maricic are on their way to implement Bulgarianization.

This must not pass.

It's too much and already overdone!

The proposal that Kovacevski, Osmani, Pendarovski and others present as a modified version is actually the same one that they allegedly rejected a week ago.

This is the first lie of the Government.

In this proposal, instead of opening the European perspective, Bulgaria is provided with a legal framework that conditions identity topics, language, history, changes in texts, monuments, events and other humiliating demands.

Osmani and Kovacevski do this to the Bulgarian side through annual reports on the implementation of Article 12 of the bilateral agreement from 2017,

which refers to precisely these sensitive issues.

So, if Bulgaria doesn't like a sentence in a textbook, a lesson about Goce Dellchev or the Ilinden uprising, they would block Macedonia's admission through this mechanism, just because our side agreed with it," Kovacki said.

He invited the citizens to join the protest in front of the government building.

"It is time for reason and to speak up.

See you in the evening at 19:00 in front of the Government to protest", said Kovacki.

Otherwise, we recall that the French proposal has reached Macedonia these days and the same will be made public after consultations and reviews by institutions and experts.