We ask for help from the international world to fight against what the Houthis have committed against the Yemeni people and the problems they have created.

APA informs that the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives of Yemen, Mohsen Ali Basorah, said this at the Baku conference of the Non-Aligned Movement in Baku.

He said that his country is facing economic, political, health and security problems.

"Yemen joined GH in its early years and always supported the movement's principles.

We are against interference in the internal affairs of countries, foreign interference, we must help each other in solving conflicts caused by foreign interference."

In his speech, he said that the citizens in the territories under the control of the Houthis are in a difficult situation: "We ask for help from the international world in fighting the problems created by the Houthis.

Although we made a temporary peace in our country last month, tension remains.

Our citizens living in the areas controlled by the Houthis are suffering.

This war has put Yemen in a difficult situation."

Mohsen Ali Basorah also emphasized that the economic situation in the country is worsening.

"Trade decreased from 12 billion to 3 billion dollars.

Per capita income fell from $1,200 to $200.

Our problems in the field of health care have worsened.

We want your help in solving these issues.

Issues of religious sectarianism are destroying and dividing our country.

Therefore, we call on the global community to fight against these violations and religious division.

We call on the global community to help us fight against these threats."