Whether to take action must be decided after consultation with the services.

This is what the deputy chairman of the PG of "Democratic Bulgaria" said in the morning block of BNT

"Democratic Bulgaria" is a center-right political association formed by Vladislav Panev on the occasion of Russia's ultimatum to cancel the decision to expel 70 Russian diplomats.

The fact is that for at least 10 years we have been in a severe information war, which is being waged by the Russian Federation throughout Europe and all socialist countries.

We are quite a hot spot in this information war and are champions of trusting Russia after its invasion of Ukraine.

Russia is waging a war very close to us, and since we are on the front line, measures must be strong.

I take this as a war for the hearts and minds of Bulgarian citizens.

And we must win it, because this is a war for the future of Bulgaria, stressed Panev.

The expulsion of diplomats is a step that may find its justification, he added.

Dragomir Zakov: The expulsion of the Russian diplomats is logical

According to him, a possible expert cabinet should have a clear program and achieve clear results in the coming months.

The National Assembly has a lot of work to do in its composition.

I imagine a government that has carte blanche to push through economic and judicial reform, to achieve results that are visible to the public.

If we simply form a majority and elect a government that is unable to do anything, perhaps it would be better to go to elections, pointed out the deputy chairman of the PG of "Democratic Bulgaria

"Democratic Bulgaria" is a center-right political association composed of

Asked whether a broad Euro-Atlantic unification with GERB and DPS is possible, Panev said: "The main issue before Bulgaria at the moment is whether we want to continue with feudalization - some being more equal than others and profiting thanks to their connections in power or to change Bulgaria, so that everyone is equal and benefits from their knowledge and skills. On this dividing line GERB and DPS stand very firmly on the other side. This would be harmful in a political format and the blockade of the state could be more severe than it is now".

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