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2 July 2022 5:46 a.m.





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Can't escape - can't collapse, can't fight in the joint only...

Ultimately, the debate of no-confidence in the opposition's government can begin on July 19, 65. There is still time for one prime minister and 10 ministers to get ready.

The opposition, although not intended to overthrow the parliament

But when it's the last match, it must be put on a full mag in addition to attacking political competitors.

Yet another opportunity to campaign through TV

This battle to the end is a political battle game.

Before the election, the two wings were clearly separated.

that overall, the government would have survived

Because the opposition itself has declared that the government cannot be overthrown.

but can discredit for the purpose of more election results

Only the small parties and the Thai Economic Party of Capt. Thammanat Phromphao tried to act as the owner of the motion.

Despite the fact that they seized the people as a location

But there are more hidden implications to knock down "Uncle Tu", regardless of which card is discarded.

Capt. Thammanat said he had read the charges that the opposition would strike at least 3 ministers from major political parties.

The three ministers from the Pracharat powerhouse are Mr. Santi Prompat, Deputy Finance Minister Chaiwut Thanakmanusorn, Minister for Digital Affairs, and Labor Minister Suchart Chomklin.

By stating that the flex will not come off

So when the three ministers were dug up by the opposition

even through trust

But the Prime Minister must show responsibility.

As well, the Prime Minister will be attacked on anything.

and survive

But it must not be forgotten that once the head of government should not continue to serve.

There was only one among the ministers who were interrogated, Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister, who passed the exam comfortably.

It's kind of weird, too...Politicians of today

On the one hand, the people

But on the other side, he took the feeling of being a fraternity to decide, even though he knew that

General Prawit that

is 1 in 3 years with the most role and influence in politics

Gen. Prayut is safe in the prime minister's chair today because "Big Brother" provides support.

Not much difference between "Big Tu" and "Captain" who used to be under the same prestige before.

but when they are conflicted because they do not get the desired response

immediately showed an apparent resentment

However, the situation of this last laundry battle

In the end, there is nothing to be as excited about as it is to create a price for political prominence.

Because even if it creates bargaining power, it is only a threat.

Because really, there is nothing that can surpass reality politics.

The important thing is to forget to see yourself as just a gray politician!

"lightning rod"