Russia's response will be very severe.

I am now in contact with Moscow and Moscow will take very drastic measures.

This cannot remain without consequences.

Diplomatic relations may even be broken!

Moscow will make the decision.

This was stated by the ambassador of the Russian Federation in Bulgaria, Eleonora Mitrofanova, in an interview with BNT.

Earlier it became clear that Moscow is considering severing diplomatic relations with Bulgaria because of the scandal with the expulsion of 70 Russian diplomats. 

Russia defines the actions of the Bulgarian government as unprecedented.

Moscow is considering severing diplomatic relations with Bulgaria

Ambassador Mitrofanova was received at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today, where with a verbal note she insisted on the withdrawal of the decision to expel the diplomats by 12 o'clock tomorrow, July 1.

"I want to emphasize once again, when they call the ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and say that they want to expel the diplomats, they must show that DANS has data against specific people. They must say what they did and announce that they consider this illegal. If there is evidence, of course, expel them. But 70 people - why? What does it mean against the interests of Bulgaria. First of all, every embassy everywhere works for the interests of its country. As well as for the development of relations in the country where it is located. But when this list includes the plenipotentiary minister, who is a Bulgarian, who knows the language, who knows a large number of people, or the consuls general, who work in the country and half of Bulgaria knows them", pointed out H.E.

Eleonora Mitrofanova.

On the occasion of the Prosecutor's Office's investigation against a Bulgarian general and a Russian diplomat accused of espionage, she stated: "They have not collected any evidence. You understand, if we are looking at any meetings with the Bulgarian colleague or a person you know from the good years when the military and intelligence communicated . We have an intelligence official in the embassy and the DANS know it very well. We had a security official who dealt with terrorism and rendition issues. We had a military attache, and now all our military representatives, that is, the official representatives of the military department are expelled".

When asked if she was not the person who first passed the good tone and if there is another diplomat who calls the prime minister of a country an "official", the Russian ambassador said: "What kind of person is he? He is an official. He is also on state duty service. Is there anything offensive? I am a clerk and I am in the civil service. Maybe there are different interpretations in Russian and Bulgarian. In Russian, it is not an offensive word. I think he was given one task to expel everything Russian, everything related to Russia. Of course, the special military operation contributed to this process in Western countries - to reject everything Russian. But he is a rootless person who absolutely does not understand. If he had changed his rhetoric and had not spoken like that , as he says, I think he would have had a very long political life".

Asked if she was thinking of resigning in the name of compromise, HE Eleonora Mitrofanova commented: "No, I don't think so. It will be someone else. So what? What will change? Nothing will change. Every embassy conducts state policy".

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