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The announced decision by the Bulgarian Prime Minister to expel 70 Russian diplomats shows Bulgaria's clear will to defend its civilized choice with its membership in NATO and the EU.

This was written on Facebook by the leader of the Republicans for Bulgaria party Tsvetan Tsvetanov

Tsvetan Genchev Tsvetanov was born on April 8, 1965 in Sofia. In 1987 Tsvetanov started working. 

Kirill Petkov: We are prosecuting 70 Russian diplomats

"Our country will defend its national security and will counteract the ongoing years of espionage and hybrid attacks on the territory of Bulgaria by the Russian Federation. From an institutional point of view and the strength of Bulgarian institutions, the approach to such a position should be announced by the Minister. the President, following a meeting of the Security Council attended by ministers, heads of security services and other representatives of the institutions, "he added.

Radev commented on the expulsion of Russian diplomats

"Such an institutional approach would limit different interpretations that serve foreign interests, not our national security. Such a Security Council was convened by the Prime Minister on January 25, 2022 because of the NATO-Russia tension," Tsvetanov added. 

Tsvetan Tsvetanov