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The issue of reciprocity of the number of diplomats in the diplomatic missions of Bulgaria in Russia and Russia in Bulgaria was discussed at least twice in an operational meeting of the Council of Ministers.

This was written on Facebook by the resigned Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Environment Borislav Sandov

He graduated from Sofia University "St.

Kliment Ohridski ”, specialty“ Geography ”, and is.

Kirill Petkov: We are prosecuting 70 Russian diplomats

"In these talks, the Foreign Ministry explained the excessive number of Russian diplomats in Bulgaria, and the Prime Minister reported illegal actions by representatives of the Russian diplomatic mission. Yesterday's decision should be neither surprising nor extraordinary, "he added.

The BSP will not negotiate with the PP to form a new government

"Agree that it is strange to have such a large number of diplomats in another country in our country - a disproportionately large number compared to the population of this country here, and also an incomparably large number compared to its diplomatic missions in other countries. We must also agree that the diplomatic representatives must work entirely in the spirit and within the framework of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, and on the contrary they should be recalled, "Sandov wrote. 

Borislav Sandov