Just one day before the end of the French presidency of the EU, the Government in Skopje claims that they have not yet received a formal proposal from Brussels to overcome the dispute with Sofia, and to lift the blockade on the start of membership negotiations.

According to Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski, so far only the draft ideas of the Union have been discussed in public, adding that talks are ongoing.

"Ideas that do not make clear protection of the Macedonian language, Macedonian identity and which in multilateral negotiations with the European Union, will be exclusively for issues related to the merit system, ie do not include bilateral issues are not acceptable. in a multilateral framework ", said Dimitar Kovacevski - Prime Minister.

According to the opposition, Kovacevski confirmed that a team of experts is still holding secret talks with Sofia.

"What are the attitudes of the team sent by the Government of Dimitar Kovacevski?"

"What has been agreed so far, that some people close to the Government and SDSM, say publicly that there is room to negotiate the protocol, even though we know - what does it mean?", Said Dimce Arsovski, spokesman of OBRM-PDUKM.

Otherwise, according to the AIM agency, the French diplomats in Brussels are not familiar with a new initiative for resolving the dispute and now the process is entirely in the hands of Skopje and Sofia.

According to official positions, so far there is no progress in the talks between the two parties and the chances of starting negotiations these days are smaller.

The presidency of the Council of the EU will be taken over on Friday by the Czech Republic, which does not prioritize the enlargement process./Alsat/