Flip the game or knock down the table.

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30 Jun 2022 6:40 a.m.





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lonely political bulletin board

The opposition seems quiet, scans into the big party "Phuea Thai" to know that now the air conditioning room

No meetings because the keymen, the leaders were attacked by the covids and stuck together.

have to temporarily quarantine

Take the opportunity to charge the battery together.

Yet it's still hilarious.

because the current is still stuck in the wind

The latest poll results, "Ung Ing" Phaethongtarn Shinawatra, head of the Pheu Thai family, took the overwhelming lead, pushing Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-ocha down to 4th place.

I want to vote today and tomorrow

Opposite of the government, the team of 3 years, continue to the Pracharath Party.

In addition to not being ready and still dizzy.

Leaders - MPs

Who is in the party now does not know North knows South

How will the future Palang Pracharat Party continue?

The direction is not clear, the current is not moving.

Many gangs have already decided to wave their goodbyes.

just wait for the moment to move

launch time

The MPs are also looking for avenues to prepare.

But there are not many choices.

Going to the opposite pole is difficult.

The same side doesn't have a future either.

Finally, go to the collecting station at the destination.

"Ceraground Camp"

Proud Thai to grow up

Open the door open to welcome you fully.

Mao all, do not neglect the opposition, the government

Yet, the largest group that is most closely watched in the Pracharath powerhouse is "Sammitr", now still in the form of "Wet and C".

Leader of the group, Mr. Somsak Thepsutin, Minister of Justice, as chairman of the party strategy.

also show professional form

Bow down to work according to the position.

without being reluctant to know how serious the internal problems are

Many times the warning came out.

pointing out the way that the Pracharat Party should hurry to recover the trend

But every time there was no response from the prestige.


"Sammitr" has to weigh the same, what to do?

Even though my heart doesn't want to go anywhere

After being poked many times

But this time it was like a slap in the face.

Poll results show that popularity has plummeted, both people and the "Big Pom" party, Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Pracharat Party.

as if he had just woken up

Being left behind by competitors

The "Pracharat Power" roadshow immediately became intense.

But the first stage in Chonburi was led by "Sia Heng" Suchart Chomklin, Labor Minister, director of the Pracharat Party and Chonburi MPs.

I don't know if it will help fix the base, restore strength, or speed up the game in separate camps.

At this hour, the "big house" and "the new house" feuds are so intense that they don't burn ghosts.

Arriving at the place this time, he had to ask whether he intended to visit or attack the city.

Good or bad, there may be a list of closing doors in front of each other to be hilarious.

Yet I could see the alertness shifting aggressively.

But it may be too late.

Above all, more important, the most important is the performance of the country's administration.

government public care

Phalang Pracharat as the main party appoints the prime minister

must take full responsibility

Let me tell you, the crisis is very heavy. The trend is falling. The policy is not great. The work is not rising like the price of oil.

Asked what to bring to get more votes

Organizing roadshows in all 77 provinces is useless.

but need to clarify more

The remaining time is less than a year before the end of the government semester.

It's a survival challenge.

Will I be able to go further or have to remove the mask?

Governments need a "turning point" to turn the game on the frantic board.

Great policy, hilarity, the market is broken, if it doesn't exist, it's over.

It's dark now

No matter where you turn, there is no way out. “3 P” is completely surrounded.

The state of the Pracharath government was assessed as inferior to the priceless.

Election next time, number 3 is still difficult, plus to draft rules for the opponent's party again

Trying to invest in "Sue Pee" Mechai Ruchuphan, a master of law, an expert in Yeepmek.

Write the "our" constitution

but pushed to fix the heart

Points flow to the rival party.

Outclass loss

If there is no miracle to help

must rely on the supernatural

The formula for calculating the members of the House of Representatives is not yet divided by 100 or 500.

But the heart is the ceiling system of the MPs "Have to have"

Must keep the dream for Thailand Slide

and don't make yourself much smaller

Many people are worried that the rules are twisted.

But more worrisome is the game crashing the table.

political news team