Former Northern Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov said in a televised interview that the French proposal to resolve the dispute between northern Macedonia and Bulgaria is a dangerous precedent that opens the door for Sofia to block and blackmail Skopje throughout. negotiation process.

According to Dimitrov, Paris has allowed bilateral issues with Bulgaria to enter into a negotiating framework, knowing that the dispute with Sofia is about Macedonia's language, identity and history.

"I think this only distances us from what the democratic-economic reform process should be, the Copenhagen criteria.

"What we have is a dead end," Dimitrov said.

According to him, the European Union must be persuaded to change the process that does not work, because such an enlargement process does not bring results, ie does not reward countries that go forward, does not punish countries that go backwards and allows an EU member to " lives ”on a candidate country.

He said that it was necessary to "restore" the policy towards Sofia and that the EU should punish in another country, as he stressed, to reward Bulgaria for the veto.

Dimitrov described the process of joining the countries of the region, saying that "everyone in the Balkans is sitting on a bus and everyone is trying to get as close as possible to the driver.

"But the problem is that the bus is not moving," he concluded.

Dimitrov is otherwise known as one of the biggest critics of the Macedonian delegation during the negotiations with Bulgaria.