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Russia's ambassador to Sofia, Eleonora Mitrofanova, described as "an unprecedented and absolutely hostile move" the Bulgarian government's decision to expel 70 employees of the Russian embassy.

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In a statement to Russia-24 TV, she said the United States and Britain were in command of Bulgaria and were responsible for the expulsion.

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Asked which forces are behind the government's decision in Sofia, Mitrofanova said: "Absolutely the Americans. In this case, there is nothing to talk about. Here, the British and the Americans are in full command of this country, unfortunately."

She noted that the people of Bulgaria "remember history and take care of the monuments."

Mitrofanova also said that the Russian embassy in Sofia will organize the recruitment of new employees to replace the expelled, specifying that 23 diplomats and 25 technical assistants will be appointed.

According to her, for some time "it will be difficult to work, especially in the consulates".

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