Two people were injured on Tuesday night as a result of a gun battle in the village of Kryshec in Peja.

Police report that a person from the car fired at the victims, who were standing on the terrace of a bar.


Kryshec, Peja 28.06.2022 - 20:53.

It was reported that the Kosovar male suspect from a car shot with a firearm in the direction of the Kosovar male victims who were standing on the terrace of a bar ", it is stated in the police report.

The victims are known to have received medical treatment, while three cartridges were found at the scene.

"The suspect has been arrested and the weapon which is suspected to have been used in the case has been confiscated," the report reads.

With the decision of the prosecutor, the suspect was taken into custody.

The case was opened to the police as "Attempted aggravated murder".