Hundreds of Serbs from Kosovo and the region celebrated today the lost battle of Kosovo 633 years ago in Gazimestan.

The celebration of what the Serbs call Vidovdan's day did not lack nationalist provocations.

Some of them with nationalist inscriptions, pictures of Serbian criminal Voislav Seselj, Russian flags and the letter "Z" that the Russians use in the occupation of Ukraine, provoked the Kosovo Police, but they were not allowed to enter the central manifestation.

Among the citizens, who got off the buses, justified their presence in Gazimestan and criticized the Kosovo Police "for their behavior towards them".

Gjorgjo Zaric, who had come from Belgrade, said that the Kosovo Police is putting pressure on citizens and this, according to him, is absurd.

"No, in fact nothing, just these pressures from the police, from these organizations, illegal organizations, just this pressure, escorting our buses and things like that, the security checks there, really stupid, if you ask me, really stupid.

"This is our religious cause, we came here to celebrate, and to honor the death of our ancestors, this is nonsense," he said.

While, Dragani, who had also come from Serbia, told KP that there was no provocation from the Kosovo Police, but the removal of T-shirts with nationalist inscriptions is unnecessary.

"I came here because it is our holiday, it is one of the biggest holidays, and because this is an important battle for us Serbs, I come here every year and I will come as long as I am alive… The police do not "We had no provocation, they just take off their T-shirts. I think it is unnecessary. I think this is a Serbian memorial site, and in my opinion they can dress here, but ok, this is yours," he said.

On the other hand, Serbian Patriarch Porfirije held the main liturgy in front of those present.

"Here we are before the holy prince Lazarus as a child before our great-grandfather, grandfather, father to bow down and thank him for his sacrifice, as he voluntarily went to Golgotha ​​with his will to suffer, sacrificed for the salvation of world, so the holy prince Lazarus came to the field of Kosovo with his army to sacrifice himself for what we are today, the Serbian people, the people who celebrate Christ the Savior, the people who celebrate that faith, that honorable cross and the golden freedom for "which Prince Lazarus and his army fought," he said.

During the demonstration, the Serbs present continued with provocations as during previous demonstrations, chanting "Kosovo is Serbia" and unfurling Russian flags.

After that, they left in an organized manner and without any significant incidents from Gazimestani.

Otherwise, the Kosovo Police has announced that a person has been arrested for inciting hatred during the marking of Vidovdan.

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