OBRM-PDUKM demands that Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski reveal what the government group in Sofia is secretly negotiating and whether the basis of the proposal is the destruction of Macedonian positions.

"What does the government team in Sofia want and does it mean that Kovacevski still has not seen the proposal negotiated by his people?"

Kovacevski endangered the state with his lies and manipulation.

Macedonia's positions have been violated forever.

"Kovacevski also endangered Macedonia's European integration", it is said in the communiqué of OBRM-PDUKM.

With the proposal negotiated by Kovacevski, they add from Mickoski's party, that Macedonia to join the EU should be Bulgarianized.

"From the first goals it was hindered by the people, the academic community, journalists, columnists and OBRM-PDUKM.

Are you now negotiating again in a small door that contradicts the red lines of Macedonia and then means that he has not seen the proposal.

Kovacevski's lies no longer pass.

"Elections immediately", say from the opposition party. / Telegrafi /