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Egypt will receive a shipment of 180,000 tonnes of wheat from India in the coming days, Minister of Supply and Domestic Trade Ali Ali Messelhi was quoted as saying by Al Ahram.

According to him, the government has already received over 3.9 million tons of the new harvest. 

The harvest campaign, which began in early April, will last until the end of August.

Yields are projected to be between 10 and 12 percent higher than last year. 

Egyptian authorities have held talks with Russia's agriculture ministry and Russian wheat import companies and are awaiting a response, Messelhi said.

He specified that the Russian side has quantities of strategic culture, but its transportation has become more expensive. 

Egypt received 63,000 tons of wheat from France

The North African country aims to import about 5.5 million tonnes of wheat after the beginning of July to provide the subsidized basic goods program, including bread, which benefits millions of citizens.

In addition, the government wants to reduce imports by ten percent, as well as replace part of the wheat used for subsidized bread with sweet potatoes.

It is estimated that the use of sweet potatoes can save up to one million tons of grain. 

Egypt, the world's largest importer of wheat, relied on 80 percent of its imports from Russia and Ukraine before the Russian invasion.

The consumption of wheat in the North African country is about 18 million tons per year. 

In recent weeks, the Egyptian government has been working to diversify its sources of wheat imports.

Import agreements were signed by several countries, including France, Bulgaria, Romania and India, Al Ahram recalls.