Shocking society, grade 6, rape, grade 5 in school, director forbids children from telling parents

I'm not pregnant

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26 Jun 2022 3:34 p.m.





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Shocking, a grade 6 boy raped a grade 5 girl in a school building, after the director of a school in Phetchabun province banned the child from telling his parents about it.

I'm not pregnant

while the villagers could not stand it

evicted from school

On June 26, 2022, reporters reported that

An 11-year-old Grade 6 student was raped by a Grade 6 male student inside a school building in Yangsao Subdistrict, Wichian Buri District, Phetchabun Province. Tuesday, June 21, 2022, but on the side of Mrs. A (alias), director of the school

Tell Girl B (a fictitious name) not to bring this matter to her parents at all, because the director will cause damage.

In which Girl B did as the director said, refusing to tell her parents.

Until last Friday evening, the parents of the child accidentally overheard the girl B.

I'm talking to my brother

They are cousins ​​about what to do. The director doesn't tell them to keep it secret

The parents then called Girl B to ask what was going on at the school. Girl B then told the parents everything.

When the girl B's house

When they heard about it, they were shocked.

consulted within relatives and called the headman of the village to talk

to the problem that occurred

It doesn't deserve to be born in a school.

It is also the official time that children are in the care of teachers in schools, and the school director has not told the children to tell their parents.

Later on Saturday morning, June 24, 2022, the villagers gathered to go to the school to meet with the school director to talk about what happened.

and the villagers consulted and made their opinions

The director moved out of the school.

because they can't accept such behavior

On the side of Ms. Daeng (Pseudonym), Girl B's aunt (Pseudonym) revealed that on the day of the incident, after it happened, Girl B ran and cried to tell a teacher.

And this teacher took Girl B to tell the director, but the director told the child that

Do not bring this matter to the parents because it will damage the director.

And besides, I'm not pregnant.

“And yesterday, when they and 30 other villagers went to that school, the director said something else, saying that he didn't forbid children from telling their parents.

but said don't just tell

which they do not know, do not just tell when is it, or must something like this happen to other children in the school

If not throttle from the child's mouth

By now, no one would know about it.”

Ms. Daeng (name fictitious) said that 2 years ago, boy M (name fictitious, who was the perpetrator) had a habit of hugging, kissing and touching the breasts of 5 female students. M boy's parents

had already warned the boy M

Things were quiet for the better.

until last

Then something happened to my granddaughter.

What's up?

which boy m

had used force to rape his own granddaughter

Children run to the teacher for help.

but the teacher

and is the director of the school

Introduce this child

which he really can't accept

While the grandmother of the girl B said that since she found out about herself, she couldn't sleep, worried, afraid that her granddaughter would be pregnant.

because my granddaughter is menstruating

and worried about her granddaughter's heart

Fear of being teased by friends

And how can his grandchildren live in society? And most importantly, they can't accept the words of the school director that forbid children from telling the way home.

He really can't take it

This is not something to hide.

Why would a living being, the school director, only think that they're afraid that they'll hurt themselves?

Then why not think about the mental state of the child?

while one local leader said yesterday that he was aware of

that the villagers have gathered to evict the school director as a government official

and is the middleman

therefore traveled to listen

On this matter, the school director admitted to being wrong, but he did not say anything wrong, and the villagers raised their hands to agree that the director had to move out of the school.

because he couldn't accept the director's problem solving

for other disadvantages

There are people talking about the director that he doesn't know much about because it's a matter within the school.

But since Mrs. A (alias) moved to be the director of this school

There is a budget to help develop the school in many ways.

Recently, it was known that Mrs. A (fictitious name), director of the school

Some items have been taken away from the school house.

who do not know where to go