symptoms of people who are close to dying

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25 Jun 2022 6:43 a.m.





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Expedite the formation of troops, abandoning the great anti-war debate, distrusting the ministers.

The opposition organizes the final saliva war duel.

When the motion for reparation received the green light from Mr. Chuan Leekpai, Speaker of the House of Representatives

After clearing the terms of the list

The MPs who submitted their motions have been completed.

Eliminate the barbaric motion

Only left to send the matter to the Cabinet to knock on the date and time of the official debate.

Queue where the opposition is prelude to the "Did Hua, dismantling the scaffolding" tactic, continually discussing.

There is a finisher knocking out the government.

Promoting people to be attentive and eagerly awaiting information.

according to the dire situation that can be seen in the eyes

Thai people use their lives to bite their feet.

to fight for life

But life fights back

from the famine crisis

Parade products increase prices.

Expensive oil, cooking gas soaring

Electricity bills soaring again

except wages stand still at the same place

to the point that the Ministry of Energy offers a way to survive

Use a brazier instead of cooking gas.

become a drama that shakes social media

Praying for government solutions

I recommend something that doesn't go into my ears.

In a situation where consumer products

consumption through the ceiling

Not just a difficult person

Even the dogs are in a bad mood, like Pol Gen Sereepisuth Temeiwes, the leader of the Seri Ruam Thai Party.

mocking and hurting the skill of economic management in the "Big Tu" era, Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, that is expensive even crushed chicken

until the owner of the dog had to reduce the amount

Trouble shaken both people and dogs.

I want to follow each other.

Knot, mouth, hungry stomach, stabbing the hearts of the villagers

It depends on how much the opposition will expand and surge people's emotions.

The laundering arena is not just a bet on the survival of the government.

but also proved the skill of the opposition to be really effective.

or just a propaganda style

original film roll

Bringing old news to tell a new story

focusing on discussion

no one fell

Focus on quantity but not on quality

The information is just a sliver of pepper.

have the right to be booed

As you can see, traces of concern

Some ministers survived being rubbed off their heads.

It is clear that the problem of high oil prices and trouble in every grass patch, but without the name "Supatpong Panmeechaow", Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy, or the price of agricultural crops has dropped, has no shadow "Sia Tor" Chalermchai Sri-on, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives.

Being caught, there is a list you have requested to be considerate.

Minister of the line big or not?

But even if the government was able to survive the battle

But the path to continue looks rough

because of weakened immunity

causing the stage outside the council to come back to climb the level of smoldering

"Uncle Tu" chasing events pop up periodically, taking a look at the readiness of the masses down the road.

Waiting for the situation to mature

While the game in the council is still worrying

The quorum problem has stalled lately.

When do you plug in your identity card to vote on a bill?

Passing close or intermittently

Solving the issue of solidarity in the government

The coalition party ready to vote against the whipped government resolution.

If the law plays with people's feelings

Scramble for a handsome show during the last curve of the government

to call for more points than following the agreement

The government has opened a war to lure Kan Nua.

Democrats and Democrats turn to quarrel among themselves.

Throwing sins back and forth about solving problems of high prices, expensive oils

Threatened each other to the point of sending information to the opposition to use to drag the government together.

Brawl, no one gives up

Claiming that the interests of the people are above political etiquette.

The stability of the government turned gloomy.

But there are more things to escalate

after the confidence

Faith that keeps getting worse

unable to give hope to the people

Even "Black Wizard" Suchart Tancharoen, Vice-President of the House of Representatives

Still losing patience, looking down on "Big Tu" in the middle of the council, irresponsible

After neglecting to answer live questions about the problems of the villagers

Teaching boxing, the prime minister must respect the council

Don't order like a soldier

Who will answer the thread instead?

must follow that

Can you answer?

The level of the Vice-President of the Council is still lacking.

Condemn the executive leader to be responsible for the legislature, blowing down frequently, dare to insult the Por family, continuing from the previous hit "Big Pok", Interior Minister General Anupong Paochinda did not pay attention to the coming Reply to the same posts in the council

"Pr Rong-Lek" was scolded, demanding a sense of responsibility that politicians should have

without having to be considerate of being a prestige in the party

The symptoms are as familiar as the person who is close to losing their mind.

I don't want to be in the same boat for the next election.

political news team