NCSC gathers a team of brutal murderers for the whole kitchen

Police chief organizes investigation team to expand Taiwan case

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26 Jun 2022 6:10 a.m.





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The case is shocking. Prasert aka Wang Norat, 31, and Ms Potjanee, aka Mi Sae Li, 35, are pregnant with twins, five months old. A Thai couple were murdered and left their bodies behind in a car in a street parking lot. Yanzhou, Cheng District, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Taiwan police check

"CCTV", the first point of the office

and the parking lot where the body of the deceased was found

In "CCTV footage", Mr. Santi Supaphiradipailin, 35, was one of three people involved in the murder of a Thai family.

Taiwanese police added that after the attack, Santi had fled to Thailand.

Relatives of the deceased asked to be prosecuted in Thailand.

because it believes in the sanctity of the law

Pol Gen Suwat

Chaengyodsuk, the police chief, ordered

Pol Lt. Gen.

Jiraphop Puridet, the commander-in-chief of the Royal Thai Police, to take responsibility for the offenses outside the Kingdom of Thailand.

but the perpetrator is Thai

Relatives of the victims asked to punish the perpetrators in Thailand.

This case is a crime against life.

which Thai officials can prosecute the accused in Thailand

Pol Lt. Gen. Jirapob placed Pol Maj Gen Suwat Saengnum, deputy commissioner of the Royal Thai Police, Pol. Maj. Gen. Santi Chainiramai, deputy commander-in-chief of the Royal Thai Police. Anek Taosupap, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Police, Pol. Col. Pornsak Lauruchiralai, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Police, Pol. Col. P.D. Detch Ngamlamom, Superintendent of Police, Pol. Col. P.D. Thak Khwanna, Commander-in-Chief of Police 4, joined the investigative team to solve the case.

There is information on


images of Taiwanese police as evidence. On the day of the accident, Mr Santi contacted the deceased to come to Mr Santi's office, with Mr Samart Sae Lee, 33, and

Thanawat Pumkhemthong,

42, as the suspects. Together they plan to kill and dispose of the body to disguise the case in the trunk of the deceased's car in the parking lot.

Pol Lt. Gen. Jirapob has

rushed investigators from the Crime Suppression Division to interrogate the deceased father and brother, and coordinate with the Taiwanese police to collect evidence for approval by the Criminal Court to issue an arrest warrant for Mr. Santhi and his

co-workers for the "contemplative killing of others"

. camouflage the corpse

Still unable to prosecute

because the case was born outside the Kingdom of Thailand

The investigative team found

Mr. Santi entered Thailand through Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Traveling by plane to Chiang Mai since June 9 after the incident in Taiwan, staying at Chai Prakan District, Chiang Mai Province, Pol Lt. Gen. Jirapob rushed to arrest and pressed so hard that

Mr. Suchart Supaphiradi sapphire

The father of the accused contacted him to turn himself in at Arunothai Village, Muang Na Subdistrict, Chiang Dao District, Chiang Mai Province. Pol.Lt.Gen. Jirapob asked the Election Commissioner 4 and the Hanuman Unit, the Crime Suppression Division, to take him to the Crime Suppression Division.

Pol. Gen. Suwat, Pol. Lt. Gen. Jirapob and Mr. Ethan Lin, Taiwanese Police Ambassador to Thailand

Join a press conference on the progress of a brutal murder case raised by a family in the interests of Taiwanese and Thai people.

Mr. Santi denied that

did not act

Claiming a Taiwanese mafia group that disputes the deceased's debt of 10 million baht, the mafia forced them to contact the two deceased to come to the scene's office.

He was beaten to death by using a solid piece of iron like a piece of paper.

And ordered the body of the deceased to be put in the back of the car, leaving the car parked according to the mafia plans laid out to be a "scapegoat" in this case instead. If you don't do it, you will kill Mr. Santi and go after your girlfriend who lives in Taiwan.

Lt. Gen. Jirapob did not believe the testimony.

Ordered an investigative team to bring Mr. Santi to come for more examinations.

Finally, Mr. Santi turned his testimony from denial to confessing that

Together with 2 friends, kill the deceased, not the Taiwanese mafia as claimed.

Served as the commander of a plan to lure the deceased to meet and kill.

The controversy in which Mr Santi received drugs from a Taiwanese drug gang to pass on to the two deceased to sell them.

But the deceased claimed that the money could not be collected.

cause conflict

lead to assassination

in line with photo evidence


of the Taiwanese police

The Thai investigative team has expanded to find that there were 3 perpetrators. Mr Santi was the one who planned to hire Mr Thanawat and Mr Samart at 500,000 baht each, paying a deposit of 20,000 baht each. clear

drug problem

Mr. Santi confessed that

He was the one who locked the couple so that Mr. Samart and Mr. Thanawat used a steel bar to beat them to death.

Help to put the body in the back of the deceased car and leave it in the parking lot to camouflage the case.

Mr. Santi and the others returned to their normal lives.

But when I saw this case, it was a big news in Taiwan.

So he fled to Thailand on June 9 and bought plane tickets for 2 underlings to escape to Thailand on June 11

Pol Lt. Gen. Jirapob joined in questioning Mr Santi to confess to two other Thai people involved in the attack, and ordered

Pol Col Patak Khwanna, Superintendent of Police

4 ,

Pol.C.O.C. Ajarn Wiwat

Chitsophakul, Superintendent of the NCPO 2, along with Hanuman, the Crime Suppression Division, arrested

Mr. Thanawat

Phumkhemthong, who fled to Kalasin province, and set the KK.

Mr. Samart Sae Lee

was arrested

at Ban Sai Thong, Village No. 7, Por Sub-district, Wiang Kaen District, Chiang Rai Province, and brought him to the Crime Suppression Division for questioning.

After reporting the charges against the accused

Investigators from the Crime Suppression Division objected to the bail of the accused to the court due to the high penalty rate in the case.

There was an incident outside the Kingdom.

The accused committed a brutal crime.

It's a serious and shocking case in both Taiwan and Thailand.

It is of interest to the people.

After a group of criminals committed the crime, they escaped from the crime.

Thailand to flee to the third country

after arresting the accused

The three Thai people,

Pol. Gen. Suwat,


Pol. Lt. Gen. Jirapob

organize a team of investigations to travel to Taiwan to coordinate information about the Taiwanese police to expand the results of those involved in the murder of a Thai couple.

This case represents the success of the cooperation between the Thai police and the Taiwanese police. Lt. Gen. Jirapob Phuridet, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Police, used the capabilities of the Central Investigation Agency to quickly track down and arrest the perpetrators.

...It's the arrest of all the participants in the movement.

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