Ministry of Public Health urges not to worry about 2 species of Omikron "disease control", explains the information is not clearer than Delta

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26 Jun 2022 5:32 a.m.





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Director-General of the Department of Disease Control asks people not to worry.

after social media covid-19

Omicron strain BA.4/BA.5 is 5 times more virulent than Delta strain, high mortality rate.

I reiterate that there is no reliable source of information.

The World Health Organization recommends that BA.5 be monitored closely, but it is inconclusive that there is an increase in violence.

While the world's COVID-19 database found BA.5 in 62 countries, it is likely to increase from 16% to 25%, while BA.4 is likely to drop from 16% to 9%. Phuket Office of Health confirmed that it was not found. BA.4/BA.5 infected in the area. Group 608 is recommended to have a booster shot.

The latter has not yet met the goal.

Meanwhile, COVID-19

in China began to unravel

Beijing allows children to return to school as usual

Shanghai declares victory

After following the Covid-19 policy

successfully zeroed

Thailand still found new coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) cases surpassing 2,000 consecutively as of June 25, the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration or CCC. Reports that Thailand found 2,236 new cases, 2,235 of which are domestic infections, 1 traveler from abroad, 1,892 more recovered, 22,786 are in treatment, 602 are in severe condition, 281 are intubated, 281 have died. 16 people, including 11 males, 5 females, 13 deaths aged 60 years and over, 1 chronic disease, 2 no history of chronic disease 4,458,416 people, cumulative deaths 30,575 people, while the total number of vaccinations on June 24, 2022 nationwide 68,415 doses, divided into the first dose: 8,376 people, the second dose: 17,767 people and the third dose or more: 42,272 people, including vaccinations since February 28, 2021, accumulated 139,422,838 doses.

On the side of Dr. Opas Karnkawinpong

Director-General of the Department of Disease Control

Addressing the case of spreading messages on social media that COVID-19

Omicron strains BA.4 and BA.5 were 5 times more virulent than Delta strains and had a higher mortality rate.

Such information does not contain evidence and reliable sources of information.

Ask the public not to worry, although the World Health Organization has classified the omicron strains BA.4 and BA.5 as a strain of concern and must be monitored.

due to increased infectivity

dodge more immunity

But there isn't enough evidence that more violence is involved.

The World Health Organization has commented that BA.5 must be closely monitored as antibodies to destroy its activity are less active.

less responsive medication

But it was not conclusive whether there was an increase in violence or not.

need to wait for more information

Meanwhile, the World Covid-19 Database (GISAID) found 31,577 BA.5 samples in 62 countries, with an increase of 16% to 25%, while BA.

Opas also said that BA.4 and BA.5 are now found in higher proportions among foreign travelers than domestic infections.

And there will be studies in critically ill patients whether it is related to these 2 species or not.

Even during this period, various measures have been relaxed.

so that people can live a normal life and drive the economy

But please maintain proper self-protection measures.

To help prevent and reduce the risk of infection of all species.

It is also important and imperative to get a booster dose to have a high enough immunity.

This will help reduce the risk of infection and prevent severe symptoms.

while Dr. Kusak Kukiatkul

Doctor of Public Health, Phuket Province

said about the situation of Phuket that

Now, new infections have been found to increase since last week.

The number of confirmed cases is 26-27, while around 200 people are infected by ATK testing per day. Meanwhile, there have been reports of omikron mutations, BA.4 and BA.5, in the country. Phuket Province is in close coordination with Bangjo Phuket Medical Science Center with continuous random checks.

So far, no one infected with the mutation has been found.

The overview of vaccinations in Phuket

quite good coverage

but has not yet achieved the goal

The 608 group, in particular, wants to cover 60 percent, but is currently around 53 percent.

3 In addition, there is clear information that

Most of the deaths, about 90 percent, were in the 608 group and were not fully vaccinated.

or some people do not inject at all

Therefore, I would like to invite as many as 3 booster injections. For those who need 4 and 5 injections, they can be injected every 4 months by walk-in to every hospital and every sub-district health promotion hospital.

The Nakhon Ratchasima Communicable Disease Committee reported that 674 confirmed cases of COVID-19 were found, of which 23 were confirmed by RT-PCR testing and 651 were tested for ATK. The most new, for example, Mueang Nakhon Ratchasima District 197 people, Non Sung District 163 people, etc. There are 2 more patients who died. The first was a female, 88 years old, with congenital disease.

and no history of vaccination. The second case is a 63-year-old male with congenital disease and a history of vaccination with 3 doses.

On the other side, at Central Plaza Korat, Dr. Jet Bunyawongwirot, Assistant Director of Maharat Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital

Along with medical personnel, Maharaj Hospital continues to provide vaccination services for students from various schools in the morning and in the afternoon, 1-5 vaccination services with Pfizer-Moderna vaccine for people of all ages.

For in Bangkok, reporters reported that Bangkok Governor Chatchart Sitthiphan signed the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration announcement on measures to monitor, prevent and control the spread of COVID-19.

With the approval of the Bangkok Communicable Disease Committee in accordance with the resolution of the meeting on 24 June 2022 to cancel the Bangkok announcement on the order to temporarily close the place, 5 issues (No. 49-53), cancel the Bangkok announcement regarding the people in the area. Bangkok wears a hygienic mask or cloth mask every time when going out of the house.

or accommodation

to be a voluntary practice

by asking people to consider the benefits of wearing a mask properly

Activities/Activities that can be done

Can be operated when ready

under the prescribed laws and regulations

Traveling and moving migrant workers to work across the Bangkok metropolitan area, food or beverage outlets

Able to open for sale and consumption of liquor or alcoholic beverages in the shop.

Service place, establishment similar to a service place, entertainment place, pub, bar, karaoke or other similar place.

beauty salon

Beauty salons, hairdressing or barbers, nail salons and tattoo parlors, wellness establishments, spas or Thai massage establishments, theaters, theaters, folk performances

or similar places

Bathing establishments

Steam, herbal steam business establishment, use of venues or stadiums for sporting events

Organizing large group gatherings

to be able to do as appropriate

In the event that there is a group of more than 2,000 people, the person responsible for the activity shall notify the district office, place, business or other activities that are not specified in this announcement.

Able to open and service when ready.

This announcement is effective from 24 June 2022 onwards.

The same day, reporters reported that another entertainer was infected with covid when "Pat-Worayot Boonthongnum" or Pat Powerpat, a famous singer, informed via IG story that she was infected with covid-19.

Identified symptoms of illness, fever and cough, therefore ATK test result showed 2 marks, now is isolated at home.

And treat yourself according to the correct procedure, all work will be postponed until complete recovery.

As for the situation of COVID-19 around the world, foreign news agencies reported that Beijing, China, allowed primary and secondary schools to reopen classes from June 27, while kindergartens will reopen from July 4. onwards

Sports activities for youth can be held outside schools from June 27 as well, but no cases have been reported in the community for seven days in a row.

hi from covid-19

According to the policy of zero covid-19 at the opening ceremony of the Communist Party of China meeting

After no new cases were reported in the Shanghai area for the first time since late last month.

Feb. However

Shanghai authorities will continue to carry out PCR testing of 25 million people for the coronavirus every weekend until the end of July.

The UK also warned of the spread of COVID-19.

that hasn't disappeared

But the number of infections rose about 23 percent from the previous week.

The BA.4 and BA.5 subspecies, the omicron mutant, that are more invasive and better evaded by immunity, were identified as the main culprits in the current outbreak.

while monkey pox

More than 4,147 people have been confirmed to be infected in 65 countries, most of them in Europe.

especially England

The highest number of infected

British authorities say the outbreak of smallpox is increasing steadily.

and warned the public, especially among gay men.

or men who have sex with men

People with new or multiple sexual partners

Watch closely for symptoms of the disease. Of the 910 people in England, most of them are in London.

And there are only five female patients, while medical professionals warn that the disease can be contracted regardless of sexual orientation.

If you have close contact with an infected person