M.L. Punyanuch Kasemsan Dulyachinda inherits Thai fabrics, organizes a fashion photography trip

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26 Jun 2022 5:58 a.m.





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Determined to carry on the art of Thai fabrics

After completing the contest of costumes with Thai fabrics on facebook and organizing an honorary trophy ceremony at the Oriental School

Went during the covid period. At the end of last year, coming this year,

M.L.A. Punyanuch Kasemsan Dulyajinda, president of the popular Plearnthai Club, continued to organize activities to promote the culture of dressing in Thai fabrics.

It is a book publishing project "Plearnphastra Clothes of Siam"

to join the royal wishes.

in His Majesty the King who inherited, preserved, continued his royal duties

in the handicraft

after the previous reign

and to honor Her Majesty Queen Sirikit

Her Majesty the Queen, the Queen Mother

on the auspicious occasion

This year's 90th birthday celebration

Now people who love Thai fabrics have fun activities until they forget to be tired from the idea of ​​Mom Dao-Punyanuch.

which would like to recommend Thai tourist attractions along with Thai fabrics

therefore arrange a walking trip

Take the honorary model

Take a fashion photo shoot all over Thailand

with cooperation from Thai popular alliances across the country, for example, in Bangkok, "Khun Nueng" Surien Sriorathaikul, although he had known Thai fabrics from Sunee's mother before, but secretly accidentally (long-term) fell in love with foreign brands. Come this time, I turn to order to cut Thai fabrics, including suits, tuxedos, coats from the dressing room, the Finale Tiwakorn, and dozens of Chao Khun suits.

As for Khun Daeng-Nayada Amatavanich, the president of the Tsuchiya.

I like to wear clothes

then took the members to take pictures at various places, almost every trip, with "Mr" Sarawut Raewwongfueng

brave young man dress up

invest almost a hundred thousand

Drag the peacock's tail dress to take a photoshoot as well, but "Khun Mitta" Sumitra Kitkamjai, the owner of the Kito-Gambol shoes, is heavier, ordered to cut the Thai Emperor's dress.

embroidered with Swarovski crystals

until the whole body is sparkling

worth more than half a million baht for this event

Up north, when we arrive in Chiang Mai

The delegation was well received by Prince Phakinai Na Chiang Mai and northern celebrities.

who are ready to support the project

By traveling to take pictures at Wiang Kum Kam, San Kamphaeng, Wat Pa Dara Phirom and the exclusive place is "Khun Pu" Siripong Buranaphan, the current owner of Khum Wongtawan.

Chao Wongtawan

The last royal son of Chiang Mai

Let the delegation take a photo as a special case in Nakhon Sawan.

"Khun Kaem Mam" Sasiwimon Dararatanarot

Found that Nakhon Sawan has fabrics from the ancient city of Chansen.

almost forgotten

So ordered a special weave of 12 yards to cut the purple evening dress.

and staged a lion dance

in the middle of the bridge

The new landmark of Pak Nam Pho as a scene

Another person, "Khun Muk" Nitirat, changed his humour, brought the ring cloth from

Ajarn Wiratham

Thai money family, several hundred thousand each, come to wear with feathers

In the style of cutting the Thai dress in the reign of King Rama 7, it is incredibly beautiful, and the pair Wichai – Wichitra Song Taweephon temporarily stopped racing sports cars.

Hand in hand to decorate Thai cloth

The person whose spirit was very high was Dr. Rassamee Kleepbua, who spread long hair and wore a silk organza dress.

The hem of the skirt is very wide.

Adorned with large roses

followed by many other popular Thai royal costumes

So he won at the age of 80.

Two women, Wasita Kasemchoknitkul and Wanida Sukosol received the green light from their husbands.

to be able to participate in every photo shoot

therefore cutting Thai clothes for every theme

by lovely husband

Followed to help buy and help carry Dr. Mas Maiprasert-Pirayuth Mungkang, a magnificent wedding couple 3 years ago, invited each other to wear a tuxedo like Siamese twins, photographed at The Royal Residence Club and " Khun Kaew" Kaewta Marayong, Madam of the President of the Government Whip

Use natural dyed fabrics from lotus flowers.

Take photos with the exquisite scene of the Ubosot

Luang Pho Joi Temple

There is also a set of Nang Songkran, which received Wassana Inthasaeng, who auctioned the beautiful registration numbers "Rich 8888" and "Rich 9999" for a price of close to 30 million, dressed in a Songkran dress.

With a patterned cloth (Ayutthaya) matched with Sirikorn Phatkongsin, Thitirat Hengsakul, Sunan Sa-sawimon Dararatanarot and Patsupha Dulyajinda who dressed up as Songkran for 7 days.

As for the seniors, Dr. Manat Soongprasit, Paradai Suwanarat, Phutthapong Piancharoen gathered to take photos at the Wisetsiri house full of Thai antiques.

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Historical Park Phra Pathom Chedi Chuchai Buri Si Amphawa Royal Air Force Museum Wat Arun Wat Thewarat Kunchorn Wat Ratchabophit

On the next trip, Mom Dao prepares to travel to the south of many provinces, starting from Hua Hin, Samui, Phuket, where there are a lot of people in the group because it's fun to travel with.

make this project

In addition to making Thai fabrics sell well

It is also the distribution of income for entrepreneurs in the province as well.

Because each model, wherever they go, they eat and shop in full swing.

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