The Member of the Assembly of Kosovo from the ranks of Vetëvendosje Movement, Mirsad Shkreta has reported to the Kosovo Police that 50 thousand euros in cash were stolen from his apartment.

This money, which is alleged to have been stolen, does not appear in the declaration of MP Shkreta in the Anti-Corruption Agency as cash.

In 2013, Shkreta was convicted of non-declaration of assets with the Anti-Corruption Agency, when he held the position of assembly member.

The Basic Court in Ferizaj, in 2013 had fined the deputy Shkretan with 300 euros for non-declaration of assets.

According to a ruling issued by this Court, Shkreta, at that time in the position of municipal councilor in the municipal assembly of Hani i Elezit, had not declared his assets to the Anti-Corruption Agency.

According to this ruling, during the interrogation by the Court, Shkreta had said that he was not notified in time for this obligation, ie to declare the property, by the competent municipal officials.

He had also said that he did not intend to evade the declaration of assets.

For this statement, the judge of the case had called as a witness Mendu Vlashi, then chairman of the Municipal Assembly, who had stated that Shkreta was notified in time that he had to make the declaration of assets.

In order to prove the factual situation, the judge had invited as a witness Avdi Bushi, then Secretary of the Municipal Assembly, who had presented to the court a copy of the e-mail where it was concluded that Shkreta on March 15, 2012 was notified of his obligation to declaration of assets in AKM.

This decision of the Basic Court of Ferizaj, Kaçanik Branch is published in the Anti-Corruption Agency and it is not known whether Shkreta has appealed this decision and whether the case has taken a different direction in other levels of the court. reported on the case of theft of 50 thousand euros in the apartment of MP Mirsad Shkreta.

In the report of the Kosovo Police provided by, MP Shkreta indicated that he had not been in the apartment since the morning of June 23, Thursday.

When he entered the apartment, shortly after midnight, on Friday, June 24, he investigated that his apartment had been stolen and investigated that it was not the money.

He most openly opened his apartment, reportedly noticing that someone had entered and stolen valuables.

The Police report states that they did not find any signs that the door of the apartment was forcibly opened.

Police suspect that the door was unlocked.

"The party was interviewed and it is suspected that the suspect entered the apartment with a key because there is no evidence that he penetrated by force", it is said in this police report provided by the portal.

On the other hand, Shkreta on March 29 of this year submitted the report of declaration of assets to the Anti-Corruption Agency.

However, the table showing how much money MP Shkreta has in financial institutions does not show the money allegedly stolen.

According to the Anti-Corruption report, in two bank accounts, MP Shkreta has stated that he owns a total of 101 thousand 689 in his name.

He also declared the money in his wife's three accounts, which total 21,098 euros.

Shkreta, according to the Anti-Corruption report, has a total of 435,400 euros in real estate.

He stated that he has a house worth 200 thousand euros, which he jointly owns and inherits.

Also, Shkreta said that the inheritance and joint ownership has two business premises, one worth 27 thousand euros and the other 20 thousand 400 euros.

Another business premises worth 80 thousand euros, jointly owned by Shkreta said that he provided it through a loan and own source revenues.

While, the fourth business premises, worth 38 thousand euros, Shkreta said that he owns it jointly and has provided it through inheritance, credit and own source revenues.

Through inheritance, credit and own source revenues in the AKM report it is said that the deputy of LVV has an apartment worth 70 thousand euros only in his ownership.

As for movable property, Shkreta has stated that he has 28 thousand euros.

He said that he has two cars, one in his name in the amount of 25 thousand euros, with the origin of the loan property and the other car worth three thousand euros with the origin of the property from his own income and under the ownership of his wife.

Regarding the possession of shares in commercial companies, Shkreta has stated that he has assets worth 5 thousand euros.

He has 50 percent of the shares in the commercial company "Integrident", to which the capital falls in euros 2 thousand and 500 euros, while his wife has the other 50 percent of the shares, ie another 2 thousand and 500 euros.

MP Shkreta has declared two loans.

One of the loans of 85 thousand euros that he has received for three years has been declared for business needs.

Whereas, another 20 thousand euros of loans taken in 2021 he stated that he took them to buy a car.

This loan, according to his statement will end in 2027.

He has declared the salary of the deputy in the amount of 19 thousand 926 euros, while from his individual business "Dens-M" he has not declared any income.

Whereas, for his other business "Integrident" he has declared 3 thousand 600 euros of income.

Also, MP Shkreta has declared an annual salary of 6 thousand 100 euros from a private university in Pristina.

Shkreta has declared two other incomes of his wife, 6 thousand and 100 euros salary from a private health institution and 902 euros salary of his wife from the University of Prishtina.