A video of last night's shooting in the Norwegian capital Oslo has been shown, where two people were killed and 14 injured.

The attacker was arrested near the famous gay club, London Pub while two guns were confiscated from him.

The video shows the shooting at the moment when the attacker opened fire, reports 147tv.

The following images show a large number of club visitors, but also casual passers-by, fleeing the shooting.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere said this was a horrific and, as he put it, deeply shocking attack on innocent people and supported the people of this community.

"I saw a man who arrived with a bag, he took a gun and started firing," said journalist Olav Roenneberg of public broadcaster NRK.

Otherwise, the attack took place on the eve of the pride parade in Oslo, 50 years after this state legally granted the rights to the LGBTI + community.

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