Cemetery "Wat Don" today I believe that "Amazing" is true!


26 Jun 2022 5:40 a.m.





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The big news is spreading throughout Bangkok.

Mahanakhon on Thursday afternoon, June 23 ago.

It must be given to the news that Governor Chatchat Sitthiphan invites the public to watch and listen to music in the “cemetery” or “cemetery” at Wat Don on Sunday evening, June 26, or this evening.

The message in your live broadcast stated in one part that

“The Teochew Association is not ordinary.

Because the truth is the small association is

the cemetery of Wat Don

, where there will be thousands and tens of thousands of people lying underground who come to listen to us.

Considered that you were an elder before.

we respect

But it's an unbelievable place…amazing.”

“Anyone who has never been there will enjoy the atmosphere. They call it a grandparent's hole.

Tens of thousands of people without relatives

The cemetery has been cleared (already), it is beautiful in the middle of the city.

It's very convenient to go to the train station.”

Of course, for the townspeople and maybe even Thai people in the whole country.

have heard stories about

"Wat Don Cemetery"


"Wat Don Cemetery"

for a very long time ... know that it is a cemetery for Chinese burial

Thousands and tens of thousands of corpses are cared for by relatives and tens of thousands of bodies under


, both small for a single deceased and large for "mounding" the deceased without relatives around the cemetery.

The curious team leader heard the name.

"Wat Don Cemetery"

since living in the provinces from Hatsaniyam

Phon Nikorn Kim Nguan,

who will be in the conversation of

"Sam Kler"

many times that the cemetery of Wat Don is very scary.

and rumored that the ghost is very fierce

When I came to study in Bangkok in 1958, I remember that I used to ride past some cars.

I saw only tombs or mausoleums lined up.

together with the overgrown trees

Makes it look scary even in the daytime.

Therefore, at dusk or at night there is a story that

Even the taxis refused to drive past.

and if anyone is employed to go to the route that must go through Wat Don

Or park near Wat Don at night, the taxi will immediately refuse.

Later, an elderly relative, who is a Hainan Chinese, told me that

The husband's brother died and the children were buried in the mausoleum.

Even during the Ching Ming Festival, relatives come together to pay homage to the funeral at Wat Don regularly.

It made it known that part of the cemetery was under the care of the Hainan Association and the other part was under the care of the Teochew Association of Thailand.

and Po Tek Tung Foundation

especially the Teochew Association

most likely responsible

As time passed, the area near Wat Don, which depended on the Sathorn area, became more developed.

There are many tall buildings.

Therefore, they have come to develop various graves to look clean.

And more orderly by the three associations mentioned

The curious team visited on Friday after hearing the news that

This will be the venue for music in the garden on Sunday, June 26. A number of officials from the Sathorn area have already cleaned up the area.

The music area is near the courtyard of the statue of Luang Pu Tai Hong Kong, which is revered by the people of the Po Tek Tung Foundation.

which is not very wide area, can hold about 2,000 people very much

An official at the park in the Sathorn area, who came to build another floor of the cemetery, said that

The music that will be performing should be a small band.

and show on the ground

or slightly elevated

because he was not ordered to build a stage in any way

He also said that a major change in the tomb was likely to occur around


When the Sathorn area came to develop some areas

to look like a park side by side with various graves

which has been restored and decorated with great cooperation from

Healthy runners club

of the Teochew Association

The cemetery of Wat Don became a place for running and exercising, with

"feng shui"

decorated around giving another atmosphere.

He pointed to an airy house built with a steel frame.

There is a roof that is firmly protected from the rain.

Which is in the immediate vicinity, which allows you to see the


... of boxers, weights, as well as single bars, double bars for stretching, full exercise ... just like any park that will have a greenhouse

Indoors, running around the park is also included.

behind the house

Less than 5 meters away, there is a

"feng shui"

decorated spotlessly.

Line up at least 100 more feng shui can be seen.

The gardener explained that

About 80 percent of the area's total land area, more than 80 percent will be used as a traditional Chinese cemetery, and another 20 percent will be shared as a road for running or walking.

including the shed to exercise in front

There are also 2 basketball courts, 1 takraw court, 1 badminton court, 2 playgrounds, etc., including an aerobics court.

Ask him if he's been taking care of this place for a long time?

He replied that it's been over 20 years and asked if he had ever experienced anything creepy and creepy?

He replied that he had never sworn... and asked why Governor Chatchat knew this place and chose to be one of the concerts in the garden?

He replied…“You come running here a lot.

I met him at 5 a.m. last year."

Mina, Mr. Chatchat was so familiar with and seeing the "amazing" here that the curious team leader felt very amazing.

On the day to go out and explore on your own

This evening, during the live music, it's better to watch the live broadcast at home.

Because people are probably very crowded, after having free time to run and walk

I invite you to exercise.

They open from 4 a.m. to 8 p.m. each day ...you can go in the evening.

An elder who was sleeping downstairs.

All of our elders are all our elders...we won't do anything to us.

There will only be a blessing (Hmm!

Accidentally may give lucky numbers) to us too.