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26 Jun 2022 5:09 a.m.





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One of the world's best custom car fairs

The only one from Japan

the greatest

In ASEAN, comeback is back to be organized again.

After the Covid-19 crisis, with the event "Bangkok Auto Salon 2022" that is about to be held in Thailand for the 8th time in the middle of this week.

to respond to the policy of opening up the country in full

and restore the economy of our home that has been sluggish for a long time

to be lively and lively again

In this event, there is still "Big Pok" Wiluck Lothong, Executive Chairman of Siam Sport Syndicate Public Company Limited and Corno and Nash Company Limited as the organizers of the event as usual.

This event has received great cooperation from San Ai Corporation, the organizer of the Tokyo Auto Salon, Japan.

with a history of more than 40 years

As I am a sports media person who had the opportunity to experience Auto Salon in Tokyo many years ago.

I admit that I was very surprised by what I saw in Japan at that time.

Until later, I had the opportunity to go to the Auto Salon event in our house, so I was even more amazed.

Because the standard of all events can be compared to Tokyo at all!

Some of them also have a variety of authentic Thai style to help add color.

For this year's "Bangkok Auto Salon" event, Tom Yum is still complete as usual.

by selecting the best custom cars that are the prototypes of car decorations of the world from the Tokyo Auto Salon event in Japan to be exhibited in Thailand to the fullest extent

So that the group of people who love custom cars in our home can experience the culmination of innovation, the science and art of modifying cars from the land of car customization.

by the trend of styling camping cars for those who love adventure travel

Another popular item from Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 will also be displayed in the “Camping Zone”, which is a new zone of this year's event.

And what is indispensable in the era of high oil prices is the “Electric Vehicle Zone” (EV), which is the undeniable future of the world automotive industry.

This zone will collect activities, information and products.

Including having a forum to talk with the leading influencers in the electric vehicle industry, real, real sound.

Such as "Wail" Kritsada Teerasupalak from Welldone Guarantee channel, "Don" Wandis Wan-in from Captain DIY channel, etc.

It can be said to create a community for people who are truly interested in the story of electric vehicles.

In addition, the event will also find promotions, special offers, great value, a variety of options for those looking for a new car.

from automobile, motorcycle companies

car accessories company

car maintenance products

including foreign merchant companies such as China, Vietnam, etc.

And the organizers continue to create activities in all dimensions.

in cooperation with

"United Auctions", the number one car auction company in the country, launches the "Bangkok Auto Salon Auction" activity

Organize auctions for custom or rare cars

which is in demand among car lovers and collectors

Come join us to create colors in the event as well.

All of these are included in the 8th Bangkok Auto Salon 2022.

Scheduled between Wednesday 29 June – Sunday 3 July at Challenger Hall 3, Impact Muang Thong Thani

Exhibition days are from 12.00-21.30 on weekdays and 11.00-21.30 on public holidays.

Those who are interested can find out more details via!!!

B Bangpakong