Tops Food Hall, the first premium food store

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25 Jun 2022 05:10





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When the epidemic situation has eased

Business activities began to recover back to normal. Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited or CRC, the retail giant.

has stepped forward to expand the business in a big way

Especially the supermarket and food store business under the brand "TOPS" with the opening of new business models.

which can often be seen outside the shopping center area to reach consumers in different communities and areas

Answer the question of being the center of the life of people in the area that has opened for service

Recently, CRC has announced the opening of Tops Food Hall in Sukhumvit 39 with an investment of 150 million baht by elevating it to be the first global food store in the form of Stand-alone on an area of ​​4,800 square meters, 2 floors, parking space for over 100 cars

Mr. Stefan Koom, Chief Executive Officer of Central Food Retail Company Limited, a subsidiary of CRC, said that in an era where people have different lifestyles,

The key to operating a service business is to never stop developing products and services to meet every need beyond expectation.

and to reinforce the true leadership

Ready to create color for the food retail market in Thailand that is currently highly competitive.

The latest business model will allow consumers located in the heart of Bangkok, in the middle of Sukhumvit 39, which is in the residential zone of Thai and foreign businessmen, especially Japanese with high purchasing power, to experience with Premium deliciousness from around the world.

Along with aiming to be a check-in point for the new neighbors of the Sukhumvit people

that can answer all the needs of high-end lifestyles, including working, eating, traveling, shopping

all in one place

Stefan Koom said the premium food store was designed in a minimalist style with white and cream tones, glass walls surrounding the building.

Alternate cutting with wooden slats

inside high ceiling

Create a different feeling and atmosphere during the day and night.

“Tops Food Hall, the newest branch, will present

Premium quality food from both inside and outside the world over 28,000 items, imported products from around the world with a zone imported from Japan, complete with a selection of deliciousness throughout the season with fresh vegetables and fruits, meat, seafood, food zone International, freshly prepared in a variety of styles from professional chefs.

as well as food and beverage brands, 15 famous Thai and international brands that help fulfill every lifestyle, ready to eat, drink, shop all day long.”

In addition, meet 159 exclusive brands from 25 countries by categorizing products in concept zones for convenience.

Easy to shop

This is another business model that expands to new community locations.

with diversity that is closely connected to the center of people's lives to suit the lifestyles of consumers in each community

and reinforcing its leadership in the business that creates

Create a lively atmosphere for more consumers who come to live outside the home.

After the situation gradually eased.

The restrictions were almost completely eliminated allowing people to return to normal life.

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