The Regional Police Directorate in Ferizaj, respectively the regional investigation sector in coordination with the Directorate of Education of the Municipality of Ferizaj and under the authorization of the Basic Prosecution of Ferizaj, based on some information it has received about negative phenomena of students and other persons in schools and around them, since the beginning of February 2022, an action codenamed "School Safety 2022" had been launched.

As part of this plan, as stated in the announcement after several checks conducted by regional investigators in civilian clothes, supported by other units, have stopped and checked many students near schools, and other persons on various streets of the city.

Several premises, houses and accompanying facilities were also raided and searched, where as material evidence were found and confiscated: five firearms (pistols), two semi-automatic long weapons, two quantities of ammunition, 40 knives, mainly of school students secondary, metal boxes - 10 pieces, for high school students, marijuana grinding mill six pieces, metal rods, four pieces, electro shock - one piece ", it is said in the announcement.

Whereas, according to the notification, 40 persons were detained and escorted to the police on suspicion of using narcotics and cases were initiated against them in the Prosecution and the Basic Court of Ferizaj.

"Also, 20 people were detained and escorted to the police on suspicion of selling narcotics (marijuana) and criminal cases were initiated against them for the Basic Prosecution of Ferizaj.

The action of the police will continue in other stages, from September 2022, with the beginning of the learning process, with the aim of preventing and combating negative phenomena around and in schools ", it is said among other things in the announcement.

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