The trial over journalist

Iryna Slavnikova

started in Homel Regional Court after 10 am.

The trial was closed, the defendant's father was not allowed in the courtroom.

Slavnikova and her husband

Alyaksandr Loika

were detained on October 30, 2021 at the Minsk airport when they were returning from vacation.

The couple served 30 days of administrative arrest: the first 15 for allegedly "distributing extremist materials", the second 15 - for "petty hooliganism".

After some time it became known that Iryna Slavnikova became a suspect under Art.

342 of the Criminal Code ("Organization and preparation of actions that grossly violate public order, or active participation in them").

And in late April 2022, Irina's father Alexander Slavnikov learned that his daughter was charged with a new charge - "creating an extremist group."

In early June, Iryna was transferred from the Valadarski pre-trial detention center in Minsk to the Homel pre-trial detention center No. 3.

Wikipedian Mark Bernstein

is also expected to stand trial in Minsk


The trial is taking place in the Zavodski District Court.


Anastasia Asipchyk


Mark Bernstein is a prolific Wikipedia author and blogger.

Included in the list of the 50 best authors of Wikipedia in the Russian-language segment.

Bernstein was detained on March 11 by GUBAZIK police officers.

Mark Bernstein

According to human rights activists, at the request of the Russian FSB.

A photo of the detainee was posted with the caption "This man is distributing fake anti-Russian materials."

Bernstein was initially under administrative arrest, but was not released 15 days later.

It soon became known that a criminal case had already been instituted against him under Part 1 of Art.

342 (organization and preparation of actions that grossly violate public order).

Mark Bernstein is known under the pseudonym Pessimist2006 as one of the most active editors of Wikipedia (over 200,000 edits of his authorship).

The detention took place the day after the publication in the pro-Kremlin telegram channel of information that Mark falls under the new Russian law "On fakes".