One woman learned that her husband whom she married ten months ago is actually female, despite the couple having had intimate relationships several times.

The woman from Indonesia named only as NA, 22 years old, has sued her ex-partner who claims to be a neurologist graduated in New York, Telegrafi reports.

The couple met through the dating app, where her "husband" was introduced as Ahnaf Arrafif in the town of Jambi.

And after they started chatting online, they decided to meet face to face and Ahnaf stayed with NA for weeks, taking care of her sick parents.

He proposed to them just a few weeks after they started dating, and NA parents gave them the blessing for the move.

But four months after their marriage, her family began to suspect NA's new husband.

Ahnaf had never introduced "his" family, and seemed calm when he claimed to be a qualified physician.

NA's mother had a suspicion when Ahnaf never changed "his" clothes and did not stay naked from the waist up, even when there were no strangers in the house.

When the woman asked him about the lumps in his chest, Ahnaf told him that he has a hormonal problem.

When NA's mother insisted that he strip naked to remove all dilemmas, it turned out that it was a woman named Erayani who had lied about everything including working as a doctor.

NA told Jambi court that he had never suspected that the person he married was not a man.

But that happened when her mother began to have doubts about their relationship.

She said they had had "intimate" intercourse several times, but her partner had insisted on using her hands instead of her genitals.

Erayani is now in the dock for falsifying his qualification as a doctor, and claiming to be male.

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