The Macedonian team in the commission of experts on historical-educational issues, today through a press release, clarifies that the Commission has never discussed and harmonized the draft texts submitted to the government for changing the names of monuments, monuments or castles.

In addition, we present to the media and the full text of the team of historians on historical and educational issues:

Again, as always when the political relations between Northern Macedonia and Bulgaria deteriorate or are facing a great challenge to overcome, the work of the Commission and the members on the Macedonian side is treated as an object of abuse, even by both countries, both the government and also from the opposition, as well as from the unprofessional media that deal with baseless reporting.

Due to the large amount of misinformation and lies spread in the public in recent days, we inform you that:

1. The Commission has never discussed and harmonized the draft texts submitted to the government on how to write memorials, monuments or castles, as stated in the manipulative text of the BGNES portal which was broadcast by almost all media in southern Macedonia without request. official information.

It is also extremely irresponsible for this unverified and inaccurate information regarding the purpose and content of texts adopted for joint commemoration by the Commission to be used by representatives of political parties and those in power to collect political points and create an image of them as defenders of the nation.

Interest at the expense of the Commission who allegedly acted in secret without their knowledge!

2. The Macedonian Commission has never accepted, nor will it accept, to be a tool of politics or to work according to political guidelines, which will turn it into a political body for censorship, and not an expert body that aims to help overcome of disputes, we do not allow the past to be misused for political purposes.

The Commission was established on the basis of the Good Neighborliness and Friendship Agreement, but its work is conducted in accordance with the Regulation that both parties jointly approved at the First Meeting of the Commission in 2018 and which does not contain any elements or points that the Commission will turned into an organ that defines "historical truth."

We therefore want to emphasize that any obligation or submission to the political needs of one or the other government or political party means the end of the Commission's existence.

3. It is necessary the professional and responsible behavior of all actors in social and political life not to manipulate the feelings of citizens, not to incite insecurity and most importantly not to incite divisions within society, but also among people.

Patriotism is not and should not be a tool for achieving personal goals and building personal political careers that in our short history of independence have served nothing but a means to gain materially for personal purposes.

Finally, we call on the Macedonian diplomacy and political figures to control the issues related to the work of the commission, while for the questions regarding the role of the Commission in the possible new protocols between the two countries, we will declare whether they will be approved. officially by the governments of the two countries.