Someone is nervous.

"I see that BGNES is dealing with me again, with what I was called a 'coronavirus' for Bulgarian politics," said former Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov.

"They remember the protocol of the intergovernmental commission held at the time when Sofia supported the start of membership negotiations with the EU!

The document encourages the Commission of Historians to speed up its work, including the most delicate topics from the most delicate historical period important to both countries.

Of course, the wording does not create an obligation, neither legal nor political, because politics can only encourage and create a positive atmosphere for historians, Dimitrov said on Facebook.

According to him, that environment was made impossible by Bulgaria, when it decided to try to achieve what it wants with blackmail and force.

According to him, this attempt is an expression of nervousness about my role in the battle not to fall into the trap of the French proposal.

"Not seeing that the concreting of blackmails with a European stamp makes the work of the commission for historical issues even more impossible.

My position is that the Macedonian side should freeze the work of historians as a countermeasure to the violation of Article 2 of the agreement by Sofia.

As long as there is a veto, there are no conditions for the work of the commission undamaged by blackmail.

"My role will certainly continue," he said.