upgrading to international standards

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23 Jun 2022 5:18 a.m.





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Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation in Metrology System Development to Support Enhancement of the Royal Thai Police's Operational Capacity Pol. Gen. Piya Utayo, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Police, and Mrs. Atchara Charoensuk, Director of the Institute of Metrology. National or NIMT as a representative to sign an agreement

led metrology system

that rely on the science of accurate, precise and accurate measurements to help support measuring tools

Measurement systems of various police agencies to be reliable.

is an international standard

reduce police suspicions

have an audit project

Detect and prohibit the use of black smoke cars - loud noises that the NIMT Police integrate with the Pollution Control Department


Use of black smoke detectors

and a sound level meter for the traffic police

"Drunk Driving" Law Enforcement Project with Metrology System, where NIMT has delivered standard gas reference materials

For use in the verification of alcohol dryers.

and organized training workshops

"How to verify and use the alcohol dryer" for personnel of the Royal Thai Police

To support vehicle speed measurement, NIMT has built a laboratory building specifically for the speed detector calibration system.

which was opened at the end of 2021

Black Smoke Opacity Measuring Instrument

Using a vehicle sound level meter

Using an alcohol dryer

Laser speed detector calibration laboratory

Laboratory for DNA measurement and trace elements in gunpowder soot of the platoon that has supported the police work for more than 6 years, resulting in confidence in acting

police professionalism

There are good agencies that are accepted by society.

Come to act to support the technical work for the police officers who have to go to the area of ​​duty that may cause problems.

Doubts and incomprehensible law enforcement officers

Memorandum of Understanding that Pol. Gen. Piya is a working mother to benefit the work of the police officers.

and help build credibility in the work of the police in the area

by bringing modern tools to use in the inspection

is the policy of

Pol Gen Suwat Chaengyodsuk, the commander-in-chief of the police force for almost two years, by devising a project to seek cooperation to make police work with standards that can be checked, measured, and accepted by the society.

Collaboration with the Police and the National Institute of Metrology

It is another level of police work.

to build confidence in the law enforcement process

and the administration of justice

Reduce the doubts of society when the police are on duty.

“Pleangpayak ”