Opposition politician

Mikola Statkevich

was transferred from the pre-trial detention center in Homel in an unknown direction, his wife

Maryna Adamovich

said on Facebook .



If "by law", then in Hlybokaje (Vitebsk region).

Only there is a special regime there, ”Adamovich wrote.

According to her, political prisoner

Dzmitry Popau

was also transferred .

Darya Losik , a journalist of Svaboda, told about the

impossibility to find out the whereabouts of her husband, Svaboda journalist

Ihar Losik.

Ihar Losik, Dzmitry Popau, Mikola Statkevich together with Artsyom Sakau, Siarhei Tikhanouski and Uladzimir Tsyhanovich were convicted behind closed doors in the building of Homel pre-trial detention center No. 3 on December 14.


Mikalai Dolia

sentenced the political prisoners to the following terms:

  • Radio Liberty journalist Ihar Losik sentenced to 15 years in a maximum security prison.

  • Cameraman Artsyom Sakau - 16 years of reinforced regime,

  • Mikola Statkevich's policy - 14 years of special regime,

  • Moderator of social networks Dmitry Popov - 16 years of enhanced regime,

  • Blogger Syarhei Tikhanovsky - 18 years of reinforced regime,

  • Blogger Uladzimir Tsyhanovich - 15 years in a maximum security prison.