About 16 thousand citizens have so far signed the petition for the abolition of visas for Kosovo, which was initiated days ago, the local councilor of the European Union, Katie Schneeberger.

A day before the EU Summit in Brussels, Schneeberger wrote a letter to French President Emmanuel Macron, asking for visa liberalization for Kosovo.

She also sent the petition with the signatures requesting such a thing.

In the letter sent to President Macron, she indicated that three weeks ago she was in Kosovo where she had good impressions - saying that it is not right for a people within Europe to be isolated.

"People can not move freely, they can not go to family parties and businesses face difficulties," she said.

The letter shows that visas also have costs and this makes life difficult for the people of Kosovo.

The June 23 summit was mentioned as a date where optimism can be expressed for giving the green light for the free movement of the citizens of Kosovo.

Kosovo has met all the criteria for visa liberalization but France and the Netherlands are the two most skeptical countries in this process. 

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