A large forest fire is raging in the area of ​​the Turkish resort town of Marmaris, and residents of houses near the affected area have been evacuated, Turkish state television TRT Haber reported.

The fire broke out last night in a wooded area, and under the influence of the wind the flames spread quickly despite the timely intervention of the fire service. 

Arrests in Turkey over fires

Reinforcements from firefighters from nearby counties have been sent to the area affected by the disaster.

Fighting fire is also carried out by air with helicopters.

Residents of a total of 30 houses near the fire were evacuated.

Residents are also taking out their farm animals to save them from the flames. 

The Communications Directorate of the Turkish Presidency warned against misinformation, provocations and manipulations related to the firefighting, and made it clear that the authorities will monitor such publications.

Turkey has put out the fires in Marmaris

The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Vahit Kirishchi and the Minister of Interior Suleiman Soylu arrived at the scene of the fire to get acquainted with the situation, BTA adds.